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Customer support versus Customer success – what’s the difference?

2 October 2020
by Lee Senior

Earlier in the summer, Force24’s head of customer success, Lee Senior, delved deeper into our approach to looking after the people who matter to us the most. It went on to be a popular post on our social media channels so, in the latest instalment of his blog series, he explores the topic further.

So, Lee, over to you – is there any difference between customer support and customer success?

When investing in any service – but particularly a SaaS solution such as marketing automation – organisations naturally seek some reassurance that they’re not going to be left to their own devices, once they’ve signed on the dotted line.

The initial weeks spent using a new piece of technology are naturally important. But the real value – not to mention ROI – from a solution, will come in the months, if not years, that follow.

Even the savviest of users or most experienced of marketers therefore need some confidence that, if they implement a marketing automation platform, the supplier will have a team on hand to guide them every step of the way (if needed!)

This is why so many service-based businesses have teams dedicated to building and safeguarding customer relationships long into the future. Some vendors steer towards offering customer support, whereas others – including Force24 – adopt a customer success strategy.

The two functions may sound like one and the same thing, but in fact, they’re actually different.

What is customer support for marketing automation?

Customer support

Admittedly a critical function which sees a marketing automation specialist remaining on hand to help users solve problems and improve their ongoing utilisation of a platform. This support may be delivered through phone calls, screen shares, live chat or via a help centre, and it can perhaps be likened to the role of a firefighter, as customers will typically only get in touch if they’re stuck and need some assistance!

Customer success

On the other hand, customer success utilises the data from this support relationship to ensure the user has the right tools, insight and skill-set to move forward – it builds the bridge between what a customer buys and the value they want to realise from their investment. This is what fosters a solid and long-lasting relationship between supplier and customer because a sense of affinity is strong.

Both approaches are ultimately driven by helping people, but while customer support concentrates on a one-time need, customer success is far more proactive as it focuses on the lifetime of working together.

Through our customer success mindset at Force24, we strive to ensure users grow their businesses through bottom line impacts, for years to come.

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Lee Senior
Head of Client Operations

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