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Catch Adam at the next MarketingSHOWCASE event

23 October 2020
by Force24

Marketers who follow us will know that we love a good educational roadshow – and the virtual ones have been absolutely brilliant this year against all the odds.

So, we can’t wait to get back on the road (in a sense) again – this time for the online MarketingSHOWCASE event.

Our managing director, Adam Oldfield will be testing the mic next month to tell marketers all about how to 12x your ROI.

That’s right, he won’t only double or treble the success of a digital comms campaign, but increase it 12-fold!

Our marketing automation chief will be breaking down a standard marketer’s plan and scrutinising every possible area to make sure they’re squeezing every last drop out of those killer campaigns.

Adam will also be providing actionable tips and offering insight into how to apply them to real-world situations. In addition, industry professionals will be able to take away a simple framework – the one we use, and live by, here at Force24 HQ!

We want to equip organisations with the tools to kickstart then next email nurture sequence, SMS or direct mail campaign so workforces can truly deepen those all-important customer comms.

There are more keynote speaking sessions throughout MarketingSHOWCASE’s popular online event – which takes place on Tuesday, November 17th from 10am-2pm.

To book your virtual seat, register HERE. See you there?


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