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Four advantages of using SoAmpli

7 August 2020
by Nick Washbourne

If you’re an organisation exploring the power of social selling and sharing platforms, you will typically be looking for speed, simplicity, and ways to source relevant content that speaks to your industry.

When posting on social media, it’s therefore important to have a tool that helps your teams to easily and effectively engage with your audience and swiftly provide the advice and insight customers need 24/7.

Force24 acquired SoAmpli - a brand that's continuously developing its smart system to ensure it meets the social media requirements you’ve asked for. We not only want to help you to make a big difference – via your online voice – but also make life a little easier when it comes to saving precious moments in your day.

So, what are the true benefits of our platform? And why should you trust us to expand your network, empower your employees to share updates and post relevant, timely content? Here are four reasons from our commercial director, Nick Washbourne, to get you started…

1. Saving time on social media sharing

Successful brands are constantly engaging with their customers – answering questions and joining in discussions – as well as evolving their products and services to suit an ever-changing marketplace.

So, with barely any minutes to spare in each working day, it’s vital that your social media activity doesn’t slip and instead remains a key focus to assist your audience and help your organisation’s overall growth.

That’s where SoAmpli users can tap into our tool to save critical time. We give you the option of uploading content across multiple social channels – all at the click of a ‘Share’ button.

Of course, it’s important for you to tweak each post so that it’s unique to a particular channel, but it only takes a few seconds to get your messages live which, in turn, can effortlessly increase your influence as a thought leader on social media.

You only need to set up your preferred sharing times once and SoAmpli will schedule the post for you. We’ve seen a massive 400% increase in social media activity from users who have spent only 15 minutes uploading their online content – in less time than it takes to drink a flat white!

2. Always having something to share

We’ve all scrolled through our newsfeeds and seen the posts that receive a tonne of engagement for all the right reasons. So, if you’re wanting to become a thought leader in your field, it’s vital that you jump on industry trends and lend your voice to the digital discussion.

To help you keep up to date with what your sector’s saying, we’ve created a ‘Discover’ tab. This is an easy way to help you to pull in RSS feeds from over 500 relevant sources. You can also identify the people and brands that you like the look of and get a live feed of their content.

In addition, we’ve got suggested feeds that are broken down into specific industries, to help you get started and empower your teams to keep sharing!

3. Engage prospects, clients and industry experts

On average, active SoAmpli users see 12-times the engagement with their social media posts and a 30% increase in new customers within 30 days.

Brands have also recorded a 40% increase in engagement with existing clients, so we understand the importance of speaking directly with your audience when they need you the most.

By sharing timely and relevant content regularly – and empowering your teams to do the same – you can help your organisation to grow its all-important network. And, don’t ever overlook the idea of ‘strength in numbers’, because your employees because they can also help to answer questions and keep your conversations alive to further deepen customer relationships.

4. Fast, real-time analytics

If there’s one thing we’re all craving nowadays, it’s the chance to be able to somehow ‘predict’ what’s around the corner and understand where your specific marketplace is heading.

Data is vital to all this. In terms of social media, critical insight enables you to understand how well your content is performing – and where it might need improving.

Our tool helps you to focus on the biggest benefits to your business – analysing the reach, clicks and shares of your updates, and making data both understandable and manageable.

We also have a ‘What’s trending?’ section where we tap into data and collate highly performing pieces of content that we think you’d like to share with your network.

There are so many more benefits to SoAmpli, but it’s important that you give it a try by speaking to us, having a demo and seeing what works best for you.

If you’re interested in empowering your teams to work together, and generate leads via social media, email: info@soampli.com or call 0845 2725990. Make sure you also connect with us via TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Photo of Nick Washbourne
Nick Washbourne
Commercial Director

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