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4 steps to save time, be relevant and win new customers – download your guide today!

24 August 2020
by Force24

Every savvy marketer will most likely be driven by the passion to secure new business opportunities through effective messaging – as well as deepen those all-important existing relationships.

But how can all that be done when the industry is so incredibly strapped for time and resources?

Believe it or not, it is possible. In fact, at Force24 we pride ourselves on saving marketers, on average, eight hours a week! We do this by implementing easy-to-understand marketing principles and plugging in savvy automation technology which takes care of the mundane work.

Our proven frameworks have enabled industry professionals to streamline their working day, deliver digital comms that convert, spend quality time on keeping existing customers happy, and generate vital new leads in the process.

Still to be convinced? Read on…

While we won’t go into all our trade secrets in this blog – that’s our free downloadable guide’s job! – what we will say is that the first step towards saving precious hours in a marketer’s working life is understanding how to commoditise existing artwork.

We’ll help teams to follow a simple, proven pathway where email templates aren’t taking hours to design – in fact, they should take five minutes AND produce better bottom line impact. Don’t believe us? Our customers, including Children in Need, JML and Worldpay, have the results to prove it.

If this still sounds too good to be true, keep reading…

We’ve designed a straight-talking, free downloadable guide taking marketers through a step-by-step process to becoming more efficient and conversion-led in their email delivery. Our handy advice aims to help professionals deliver of-the-moment, hyper-personalised content to meet the ever-evolving online interests of customers.

What this guide won’t do is provide teams with 10 email templates that will ‘revolutionise’ the organisation’s online comms overnight – that simply isn’t possible.

Instead, our focus is on equipping workforces with the understanding of how to review high-performing emails, refine existing methods and identify their brand’s ‘winning formula’ – so they can deliver ultra-personalised digital content that wins new customers.

To sum up, this free guide – penned by our very own managing director Adam Oldfield – will provide marketing departments with the tools to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to create hyper-personalised, engaging email campaigns

  • Build landing pages in just 15 minutes – which result in high-converting content

  • Take away our Content Exposure framework, so marketers know exactly how many emails they should be sending to recipients

  • Automate EVERYTHING so professionals can forget the ‘boring stuff’ and focus on what truly matters – their customers.

Fancy downloading a free copy today? Click here!


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