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What does customer success mean to Force24?

28 July 2020
by Lee Senior

It’s long been a buzz phrase in the world of SaaS, but with organisations becoming increasingly discerning when it comes to budget spend, service levels and ROI, there’s nowhere for vendors to hide where customer success is concerned!

Here, our head of customer success, Lee Senior, explores what it means to Force24, before revealing some important changes surrounding how we look after the people who matter to us most…

It doesn’t matter what technology solution you’re providing as a vendor – if customer success isn’t at the heart of your growth strategy, you simply won’t survive. Yes, you may attract new clients into the company via impressive business development campaigns, but satisfaction levels will soon fall flat, and the all-important ripple effect of industry word-of-mouth dialogue will start to do more harm than good – ultimately dampening brand trust.

In our world – marketing automation – customer success is extremely important. Marketers are under mounting pressure to evidence ROI and prove the bottom-line impact that their activities are having. So, if we don’t truly care about the results our customers can reap, what chance do they have?

It’s one thing talking about customer success of course, and another to genuinely deliver it. But at Force24, this isn’t just a buzz phrase. It’s in our DNA when it comes to increasing clients’ conversion rates, ensuring their satisfaction with every touchpoint within our marketing automation platform, and ultimately safeguarding their long-term retention.

So much so, we’re continuing to invest in our customer success strategy and have even evolved the mission of the team dedicated to protecting this from the minute an organisation starts to interact with us – long before they (hopefully) come onboard as a client.

We’re not merely giving some colleagues a new ‘customer success’ badge to wear. We already demonstrate excellent levels of support which has undoubtedly contributed to our 50% growth – not to mention our 98% client retention rate. So, we could have just decided to sit back and carry on as we are.

However, as we continue to expand, it’s important that we maintain our commitment to every single customer, large or small. We want to deliver the same personal, ‘always on’ attitude to the support we provide, regardless of how many communications teams use our marketing automation platform on a daily basis.

Our customer success team is therefore not just a department – it’s a reflection of our cultural integrity as we evolve as an organisation.

We recognise that our users need more than a flashy onboarding process, set-up help from a distance and a couple of tips when it comes to their initial journeys. They need us to deliver on our promises for the entirety of their relationship with us. Many are also looking for Force24 to get under their skin, understand the ‘long game’ and act as an extension of their own teams, to ensure their marketing activities deliver on the business objectives that will ensure they thrive.

This is what our customer success team is here to do.

Being a customer success colleague means you, by default, wear the hat of an account manager, relationship manager, project manager and technical manager. You spin plates, offer advice, and look for constant ‘wins’ for clients – from minor campaign tweaks to fundamental strategic overhauls of their approach to marketing data.

You provide a helpful ear, creative input, or simply some words of validation when a client tries something new. But, ultimately, you ensure Force24 delivers maximum customer value, at all times.

Nothing about this team is ‘one size fits all’. Much depends, of course, on what success looks like from one client to the next. But herein lies the power of this unswervingly committed team, whose entire focus is to help every business in our customer portfolio, soar.

Customer success is so important to Force24 – me especially – that it will form the crux of a blog post every month. So watch this space, because there’s even more to come…

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Photo of Lee Senior
Lee Senior
Head of Client Operations

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