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Force24 client secures more than £8,000 work from first email send

24 July 2020
by Force24

When social media advertising agency LetsRunSocial invested in Force24, the straight-talking brand had very clear objectives – generate and convert leads.

This data-driven company is all about letting the numbers do the talking, so the ROI of its marketing automation efforts was always going to fall under great scrutiny. But when you devise compelling messaging, delivered with striking creative, via a carefully considered nurture sequence, the benefits of Force24 really come to life.

So, it was great to see that after only a single email, the campaign created seven leads – two of which the team converted in less than 48 hours.

These two new customers represent £8,400 of secured work for the agency, which specialises in results-driven Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. And now, with the nurture sequence in full swing, all eyes are on the next-step behaviour of the engaged audience.

LetsRunSocial’s founder James Urquhart explains: “I am no stranger to Force24’s capabilities, having used the marketing automation platform in the data company I ran for 10 years, prior to forming this new business.

“So when I prepared for the ‘go live’ of LetsRunSocial, I wanted this technology to power our comms from the outset.

“Our target customers are extremely varied – from small, ambitious ecommerce businesses through to large high-end brands,” he continues. “But, they are all looking for social media to work harder for them.

“So many people say things like ‘I’ve tried paid social and it didn’t work’ – but in truth, they haven’t leveraged what the platforms are truly capable of.

“We drill down into the data, to look beyond subject ad content and understand what the complex algorithms of Facebook and Instagram are telling us. It won’t work for everyone, but the potential – for certain customers – is vast, IF you understand and maximise the science behind the digital marketing.”

LetsRunSocial’s initial nurture sequence is about re-educating marketers as to what’s possible with paid social.

“So many brands expect a social media advertising campaign to convert immediately,” elaborates James. “Yes, it’s nice when that happens – just as we were pleasantly surprised with the business we secured from our first Force24 email. However, often, the goal should actually be to mimic human conversation and build the relationship over time. 

“We are now excited about the dialogue we can build with our marketing automation campaigns, the more we can segment our data based on our understanding of individuals’ personal drivers.

“The second email is now out and our click through rate is up from 18.1% to 24%. This shows that our recipients are already more switched on to the content we’re sending through.”



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