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Download for free today! How to utilise data to drive campaign ROI – guide

3 July 2020
by Force24

Organisations are sitting on millions of pieces of data about customers and their behaviours. However, marketers are often failing to effectively apply this to their digital comms – leading to an array of lost opportunities.

So why is that the case?

It could be that businesses aren’t providing teams with the training to fully understand the pivotal role in which insight plays in their campaign content.

Or perhaps busy marketers feel they don’t have the time to plug in savvy tech – such as marketing automation – despite it being capable of pulling together those vital streams of data, in real-time, that not only take monotonous, labour-intensive tasks away but also unlock so many opportunities for digital marketing departments.

Marketing automation provides the detail to help marketers to understand thousands of customers’ current needs – in granular detail. Better still, it takes only seconds to do!

As well as saving savvy professionals up to eight hours a week (because automation takes away those mundane and laborious tasks), it’ll also help to segment customers based on their interactions and of-the-moment behaviours. That all comes together to assist in creating hyper-personalised comms that transform campaign activity AND drive positive ROI.

It’s all in the palm of a marketer’s hand too!

Penning his first ever guide for us, our head of CRM Marketing, Sam Duggan, uncovers the pain-points that marketers are facing including why they’re struggling to utilise data effectively and how they can tap into marketing automation to create personalised, conversion-led campaigns.

In his free-to-download content, marketers will be given the support to understand:

  • Which metrics really matter when it comes to the planning, targeting, analysis and evolution of strategic marketing activities
  • The vital role that marketing automation plays
  • Which killer KPIs supercharge relevant campaigns
  • How to analyse online customer behaviours, deliver ultra-personalised comms and drive true ROI

Now’s the time to use insight to effectively engage with audiences and produce content that is sent to the right person, at the right time – and via the right channel.

Download your free copy today!


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