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Free guide: How to adapt your marketing in a crisis – download today!

15 May 2020
by Force24

During one of the most challenging times for every single sector across the globe, a spotlight has been shone on how brands operate – and communicate – with their customers during the pandemic.

Amongst the worldwide devastation, workforces began working from home and high streets and office spaces became eerily empty as the government rolled out a nationwide lockdown.

As business leaders attempted to create some kind of ‘normality’, throughout it all, one thing has remained – the world keeps turning and organisations will begin to reopen. The question now is, when?

With each day passing, more employees will be returning to their businesses. Restaurants will continue to tap into more online delivery services and stores will keep making plans to turn their premises into social-distance-friendly shop floors.

And this is where many will experience ‘the boom’ in how customers now buy their products and services – if they’ve reacted quickly enough and have been able to adapt their proposition. For many companies that have already diversified the way in which they operate, they might have even ‘profited’ during the global health crisis.

But the fact remains that enterprises large and small have to be ready to tackle the next wave of ‘the boom’. They must be prepared to switch things up and evolve their marketing messages, in order to make their offering desirable for their audience.

For marketers, this has been a huge lesson learnt. They’ve had to re-evaluate how they communicate with consumers swiftly, and somehow prepare for uncertainty around every corner. But are they – and their brand’s voice – ready now?

Our straight-talking guide – written by our managing director Adam Oldfield – will equip forward-thinking marketing departments with the tools to:

  • Deliver messaging that inspires hope to consumers – when they need it the most
  • Understand when marketers should strategically pause ill-performing channels and effectively cut through the noise via strong email and SMS campaigns instead
  • Plan exactly when automation can help brands to build engaging content that consumers want to consume – at the right times

Discover why we’ve seen a 180% uplift in digital engagement across both B2B and B2C sectors during the pandemic – and how you, the savvy professional, can do the same!

Download our FREE guide today!


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