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Force24 expands with Dutch partnership for recruitment sector

3 March 2020
by Force24

Our Force24 platform is set to begin the first chapter of our international expansion strategy, with the formation of a fresh venture for the recruitment sector in the Benelux region.

Experienced recruitment software specialist Ruben Lamont – based in The Netherlands – is the brains behind the new business, Recruiter24.

Having witnessed Force24’s fast growth among UK recruitment clients – and acknowledging there is currently no communications infrastructure like it for the Benelux market – Ruben began to explore the potential to take the marketing automation platform overseas.

And now, the new organisation – which has been more than six months in the planning – will introduce the recruitment sector to the power of comms automation, to fuel business growth.

“Marketing automation for recruitment is in its infancy in The Netherlands,” explained Ruben. “We do see savvy providers harnessing the power of different types of software. But communications technology such as that offered by Force24, is pretty unheard of.

“I’ll therefore be working closely with contacts old and new, to showcase what’s possible with an automation engine at the heart of dialogue with employers and candidates alike. We’re talking the ability to send highly-personalised messaging to thousands of individuals, with minimum effort, at a frequency tailored entirely to their needs, and via the communications channel they will most engage with at any given time.”

“I expect this comparatively scientific communications methodology to help recruiters engage candidates and build a stronger brand.” concluded Ruben.

Established in 2010, our multichannel marketing automation platform powers ultra-personalised email, SMS, direct mail and social media conversation with clients throughout the UK. Our fantastic team sends upwards of 15 million emails for clients every month, and 400 trillion data exchanges pass through the platform every year.

Commenting on the formation of Recruiter24, our founder and managing director, Adam Oldfield, said: “To date we’ve been unswervingly focused on the UK market because we identified a gap for an easy-to-use, UK built and managed solution, in a martech space otherwise dominated by US software houses.

“But the geographical and sector-specific experience of Ruben and his team, means they’re well placed to drive Recruiter24 forward for clients in the Benelux world of recruitment. We’re excited to see how this partnership unfolds in 2020 and beyond.”


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