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We’re up for a B2B Martech Award!

6 February 2020
by Force24

Some fantastic news has been delivered into our HQ – we’ve been shortlisted for a prestigious accolade!

Our GDPR-compliant marketing automation platform has made the final round of the B2B Marketing’s Martech Awards 2020 for the ‘UK-based Martech Vendor of the Year’ category – and the competition is fierce!

The news comes on the back of an amazing year for us, which has included launching over 2,000 features in 2019 – compared to 1,000 in 2018 and 750 in 2017 – and serving more than 2,500 global clients such as JML, Worldpay and Hitachi.

We’ve also launched a ‘Platinum Partners’ scheme – empowering agencies to drive more ROI-focused, targeted, multichannel marketing campaigns to achieve greater a bottom-line – and recorded a client retention rate of 98.2%.

Dedicating over 30% of our revenue to further R&D, throughout the previous 12 months we’ve been able to develop a series of savvy tools too – including ‘genius blocks’, which enables marketers to personalise emails based on customer profiles and dynamic data capture functions.

It’s been a fantastic year to hit the headlines too, with us exceeding 120 pieces of news coverage – reaching 4.7 million readers in trade publications such as MarketingTech News and MarTech Advisor – alongside taking centre stage at more than 20 MarketingSHOWCASE events and the B2B Marketing Expo.

That level of activity has seen Force24’s workforce grow from 35 in 2018 to 50 in 2019 – and our stalwart team has contributed towards us being able to double email volumes from 80m to 190m per month.

Okay, okay, we get it, we’ll stop now!

See you for the awards ceremony on 19th March in London!

Here’s a full list of the finalists.

(And don’t forget to keep checking our social channels for behind-the-scenes updates on the evening!)


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