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The ultimate email marketing recruitment guide – download for free today!

27 February 2020
by Force24

The online world shows no sign of slowing down and with so much noise being pushed out by recruiters to clients and candidates – how do you effectively engage your audience?

At Force 24, we’re often the target of many recruiters’ email marketing efforts – and we’ve definitely seen some truly engaging online comms… and some, shall we say, that are a little wide of the mark!

That’s why we’ve put together our ‘Ultimate Guide’ which aims to provide recruitment professionals with the tools to help transform their digital conversations and engage candidates and organisations to develop long-standing relationships.

We know exactly how difficult it is to craft well-structured, well-written emails when there isn’t a clear, proven framework to follow – or the time to do it for a busy recruiter or marketeer. But it can be simple and effective, especially for those who read on.

In partnership with recruitment network RDLC pirates, we teamed up with recruitment marketing consultant James Del-Gatto – director of Black Slate – to inspire professionals to discover the new ways in which they can think and market their brands in a digital world.

Yes, there isn’t a one size fits all approach, but by injecting personality into the digital comms – alongside our advice in this guide – we believe recruiters will be well on their way to building strong relationships and a trusted reputation.

As part of our straight-talking guide, professionals will receive the tools to:

  • Utilise a framework that enables them to create engaging email campaigns that inspire and connect with their target audience
  • Develop trust with candidates and clients, raise brand awareness and reputation, and achieve more deals
  • Understand what to write – and exactly what not to!

Don’t let recruiting emails fall flat – download our free guide today!



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