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The 30-minute campaign makeover guide – download for free today!

6 January 2020
by Force24

If there’s one thing modern-day marketers desperately desire, it’s time.

So, why does our industry still spend hours creating email comms and landing pages – many of which don’t convert – instead of commercially-driven campaigns that land and produce bottom line results in minutes?

Many marketing departments are typically over-stretched or too busy but it’s often because they’re doing the wrong things. To deliver effective customer comms and visually engaging content – that both cuts through online noise and positively impacts their organisation’s bottom line – marketers must be savvier with the right tools.

Gone are the days of taking between 30-50 minutes to build emails or up to two hours for landing pages. We’re turning that completely on its head and instead giving you the knowledge into how to build email comms in less than five minutes and landing pages in under 15 minutes – all while still not comprising on quality.

With a new decade now underway, there’s no better time for marketers to be kinder to themselves, reduce workloads, increase productivity and enjoy a lunch break!

That’s why we’ve launched a free, forward-thinking guide that uncovers our secrets into how to build email campaigns that convert – in minutes.

Download this guide and marketers will be able to:

  • Understand how much time to spend on each piece of content – and how often it should be promoted online
  • Digest critical customer data effectively through segmentation and lead scoring
  • Create campaign assets that convert
  • Utilise marketing automation to save time and communicate with users when they’re most engaged

We’re confident in this approach because we’ve saved savvy professional eight hours per week as a result.

Want to do the same? Download our free 30-minute campaign makeover guide today!


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