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Is there a secret formula to prospect and customer engagement?

16 December 2019
by Force24

When marketers aren’t worrying about next year’s budgets, their mounting workload or the impact of Brexit on their comms campaigns (three things we’re working hard to ensure aren’t keeping our clients awake at night), what will trouble their minds then?

When the UK’s exit from the EU is nothing but a distant memory, for example, (OK, wishful thinking we know), will we suddenly all have our jobs nailed?

No – course not. But the point we’re making, is that despite the ever-changing distractions that marketers have to navigate on an annual, monthly and even weekly basis, one goal remains constant for pretty much every professional out there, whether they’ve been in the game for decades or are just starting out with their careers.

We’re talking of course about achieving optimum prospect and customer engagement.

For years marketers have battled with the science of engagement – analysing data, lead scores and consumer behaviour, as well as trialling different channels, messages and levels of personalisation, to maintain dialogue, drive conversions and boost loyalty.

So, determined to see if there are any patterns that can finally help marketers in their engagement quest, a select few members of our team spent 12 months studying this all-important topic and measuring as many metrics as they thought relevant.

And the results are in.

And we think we’ve found something.

We’ve monitored email opens, website click-throughs, brochure downloads, form fills and other goal completions. We’ve considered an individual’s lead score at different touch points throughout a journey. And we’ve watched how this affects engagement before plugging the million lines of data into our automation engine, to uncover and predict engagement intelligence in real-time.

To make our findings as meaningful as possible, we’ve then illustrated everything we’ve uncovered in a series of engagement curves for five different sectors – low value consumer retail; high value consumer retail; holiday travel; contracted services; and B2B mid-high value product purchases.

The key engagement milestones, opportunities and challenges may differ in each according to the pace of the journey, for example. And every business is different so we must insert that caveat of course. But overall the findings showed that marketers should embrace a similar formula – whatever they are selling – if they wish to optimise their engagement success.

We’ve tried to keep things simple so you can quickly turn the advice into action within your own marketing department.

Interested? Get your hands on a free copy of the curves, in this quick illustrative guide.


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