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Force24 collaborates with young fast-growth agency

6 December 2019
by Force24

Yorkshire-based digital agency Dark Cherry Creative is preparing for business growth in 2020 - and we're excited to help them towards smashing their goals.

Only 18 months into the company’s existence, Dark Cherry Creative has delivered more than 43 marketing, design and web development projects, for clients large and small. But with all eyes now on the next year, co-founder Richard Mansfield sought a technology-driven solution to further improve the performance of customer communications moving forward.

Now, our award-winning automation platform will power the majority of Dark Cherry Creative’s email communications for clients!

Packed with data-rich functionality including deep user segmentation, a multichannel journey builder, and savvy lead scoring that pinpoints exactly when a sales call is needed, Force24 fuels thousands of ultra-personalised communications in only a handful of clicks. The collaboration will therefore enable the agency’s clients to send exactly the right message, via the right channel, at the right time, to multiple recipients at once, with a managed solution also available should clients need both strategic and creative support.

With vast experience in email marketing, Richard was no stranger to us. “When we came to invest in next-generation digital marketing performance for our clients, we knew exactly the platform we wanted to partner with and resell,” he said.

“We’ve each utilised various solutions over the years and none are as easy to use or ROI-focused, with the added benefit of being GDPR-compliant, plus UK built and managed.”

Now a five-strong team, Dark Cherry Creative has ambitious aspirations to almost double headcount and boost turnover by 15% within the next three years.

“Clients come to us needing anything from logo design to a bolt-on marketing department,” continued Richard. “But whatever the budget, the brief is usually the same – clever use of time and creative expertise to drive return on investment. The more business we can help generate for our customers – with the help of Force24 – the greater that ROI soon becomes.”


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