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Topic UK's 'Out of Office' Q&A with Diana Rowatt

8 November 2019
by Force24

Our client services director Diana Rowatt was recently interviewed by regional publication Topic UK for the popular 'Out of Office' feature.

Here are her answers to some burning questions the magazine posed...

You arrive home on Friday night after a busy week. What's the first thing you do?

I always get ready to take my dog, Marv, for a long walk. When I arrive back, I pour myself a well-deserved G&T – after a long week, it’s great to put my feet up and relax.

If it’s winter, I’ll also light the fire and some candles to create a nice, chilled environment. I usually write a list of what I want to achieve in the weekend too.

It's time for the weekend. What are we most likely to find you doing, and where?

Saturdays always start with either a gym visit or run – or both if I’m feeling super energetic! I will always try and get any chores completed the same morning too, so I can enjoy the rest of my day. Then, I’ll usually catch up with a group of friends over a late lunch, and a few glasses of wine. I love a trip out to a spa, so if you can’t find me in a restaurant, I’ll be there!

Sundays are about adventures – either in the Yorkshire Dales with Marv, on my bike or spending time with my godchildren. Whatever I get up to, it’s always followed by – yes you guess it, more food – a Sunday roast and a Guinness!

Saturday night arrives. What's your idea of the perfect way to spend it?

In my pyjamas! I prefer socialising in the afternoon and getting home at a reasonable time, for a bit of TV and then getting a decent night’s sleep.

It's Sunday already. What tasks are usually on your 'to-do' list?

Hopefully none as I’ve done them the day before. I always check my diary for the coming week and sort out my schedule, so I feel prepared for another jam-packed five days of work.

Work again tomorrow. Do you get the Sunday blues or look forward to getting back – and why?

I like to get an early night – and be in bed by 9pm on a Sunday – as I’m back to the 5.30am alarm for the weekday morning gym sessions!

I don’t generally get ‘Sunday blues’ – I live on my own, so I look forward to seeing my Force family in the week. Each day is different and brings its own challenges – along with lots of excitement. I love what I do, so I don’t dread Mondays like I know other people sometimes do.

The weekend's almost over. What's the last thing you do before you hit the hay ahead of another week?

Get my gym kit ready, have a bath and listen to some meditation to wind down.

Di's feature is also in the print version of Topic UK's November edition. See her interview on page 17 here.


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