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The must-know Brexit checklist for marketers

22 November 2019
by Force24

As a savvy professional, do you know how Brexit will affect your marketing?

Yes, okay so we did say we’d try to avoid getting involved in the Brexit debate because – political persuasions aside – our UK built and managed marketing platform is already a robust answer to your many post-Brexit questions.

But with little clarity emerging from Westminster and the population now bracing itself for another General Election, businesses are still none the wiser as to what’s around the corner.

Not only is preparedness key, but knowledge is power, so that’s why we’ve created a handy, straight-talking downloadable guide covering everything you need to know.

We’re giving you the tools to understand:

  • How things will change when marketing to consumers in the UK, EU and globally
  • The differences for B2B marketers
  • All likely changes to data protection regulations
  • Answers to 9 burning Brexit questions!

Want to know more? Download your copy here!



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