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Platinum Partner spotlight – introducing… Silver Jet

16 October 2019
by Force24

Collaborations are becoming increasingly popular within the world of marketing, but in a crowded martech industry, the savviest of agencies are looking for best-of-breed platforms to help their clients grow.

A rising number are approaching Force24 as their marketing automation platform of choice, and – of these – a select number then make their way onto our Platinum Partner programme.

We’re always pretty wowed by their work, so we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on them, one by one. Next up, it’s Stephen James, founder, owner and tea boy at Silver Jet Insight, who covers everything from his use of Force24, to the company’s growth plans, making personalisation REALLY work, and why he just can’t bring himself to say ‘guru’…

1. Describe your company in your own words

We help our clients improve their customer experience, grow their bases and increase loyalty. We take a data-driven approach to understanding the behaviours and trends that exist within our clients’ customer, transaction and insight data. Likewise, we then use this depth of knowledge to improve marketing activity and ROI.

2. And why is high-performance marketing automation important to you and your clients?

I’ve never met a single person that thinks they have all the resource they need. You have to be smart with what you have, which means making smart decisions and using smart tech.

3. Why did Force24 cut the mustard?

The key for me is what it takes away – repetitive tasks, the dark art of building an email, and the stress of worrying about where your data is. GDPR compliance and clarity on data storage is a biggie for me – it’s excellent to know I wouldn’t need a passport to see where my clients’ data is stored!

4. Describe our marketing automation platform in three words

Intelligent, flexible, great-value!

5. And your favourite feature?

Personally, I’m a fan of the journey builder – especially how you can use it to create subsets of data to aid other savvy decision-making.

6. What’s your biggest challenge as a marketer?

Helping clients to see how easy and cost-effective it can be to put intelligent campaigns together. Using data well for segmentation and personalisation doesn’t need to be a huge, enterprise level black box of code.

7. But what do you love most about your job?

We are really ROI-focused so when the time comes to review customer activity, and we see the great results that have been achieved, there is a real sense of team fulfilment.

8. Complete the sentence: I am a marketing…

Practitioner. We are always learning new things, new technology, changing attitudes, new behavioural insight etc. I find it hard to say that we are Gods or Gurus – that kind of implies we know everything, and I don’t think anybody truly can. What we do, though is make sure we are well-educated, so that our clients don’t have to be.

9. What’s in store for your agency over the next 12 months?

We have some growth plans (who doesn’t) but one of the key projects for us at the minute is the development of tools to help with direct mail – this will really cement our position as an agency that understands customer behaviours and creates the communications that add value for clients.

With our Force24 partnership and experience in data-driven communications programmes, we can create highly intelligent activity and now have the perfect tools to help us with the delivery.

10. And your must-know marketing tip?

I’m not sure that it’s a tip, but personalisation really works. Marketing comes to life when the fundamentals are right – right person, right message, right time.

Want to see for yourself what Force24 is capable of? Request a demo, or, if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of the Platinum Partner programme and how to get involved, please contact diana.rowatt@force24.co.uk.


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