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What role does social selling play in multichannel marketing? Download our guide now!

19 July 2019
by Force24

Engaging with customers takes so many forms now thanks to the explosion of social media and our ‘always on’ culture.

Marketers and sales person are working around the clock to understand the best ways to generate leads, interact online and turn prospects into retained customers.

However, the first thing any savvy professional needs to know is – what does my audience want to hear? And on which preferred channels?

If you begin to understand customer behaviours, you’ll soon be able to tap into the power that social selling presents.

For those unsure as to what social selling is, it’s about engaging with prospects to build and nurture relationships through the array of online channels now available.

It helps us as marketers to share valuable content across networks, build trusted advocates throughout the business, and empower buyers to make informed decisions before purchasing.

But what role can it play in multichannel marketing?

Our free guide is here to help you:

  • Understand why you need social selling and its benefits
  • Access tips into how to introduce it into your business
  • Tap into advice regarding who should take ownership.

Want to know more? Download your copy here!


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