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I didn’t get into marketing for the boring bits!

15 July 2019
by Adam Oldfield

Admittedly, we may have each found ourselves working in marketing, for very different reasons.

Some of us will have long wanted to create, communicate and inspire, and thought carefully about our work or study paths to kickstart our careers. Others may have found themselves working almost by accident. Perhaps an internship unveiled what a role in this sector truly entailed, or a vacancy within a company, prompted further consideration.

Marketing appeals to various personalities and skill sets. Some love to strategise whilst others conceptualise. There are linguists, analysts and illustrators among us, as well as born presenters and quiet, calculated thinkers.

In truth, marketing represents a career of amazing opportunity for so many people. Okay, we may be biased, but hopefully if you’re reading this blog you’ll tend to agree.

Marketing was never meant to be boring

So ask yourself, why did you get into marketing? Was it for one of the reasons highlighted above, or something entirely different?

I can bet it wasn’t for the boring bits!

It seems unlikely that a marketer once thought, ‘I want to spend my days inputting data into spreadsheets to try and justify my ROI.’ Or ‘I want to keep fiddling with email templates that don’t deliver the look, and feel, they promise.’ Then there’s the, ‘I want to continue hearing the sales versus marketing battle continuously unfold among my colleagues, with management teams worried we deliver little value!’

And, finally, ‘I hope GDPR creates even more admin for my team,’ said nobody, ever! Nor did any marketer hope that the freemium martech they’d been hoodwinked into using would actually end up blowing their budget, and costing the department a small fortune.

I could go on, and of course I’m being facetious, but the truth is that these issues are plaguing the working lives of far too many marketers. So much so, that many may well be sat at your desks thinking, ‘surely it wasn’t meant to be like this?’

Well no, it really, really wasn’t. But we live in a world of mounting expectation – from both customers and our employers. We’re on the brink of being struck down with ‘death by data’, and we know that technology exists to help us, but sifting through the wealth of platforms to find one that truly delivers, feels like a pretty unnavigable minefield.

I feel your pain – most of our team have encountered the same frustrations at some point in their careers.

How to transform your marketing – and bring back the joy!

Unfortunately, I can’t profess to solve every single challenge that you encounter as a marketer on a daily basis. But what I can provide is how to unlock the key to hyper-personalised communications, without the headache.

And, the team can enlighten your brand to the power of multichannel messaging tailored to every individual recipient. The creative team can hold your hand if you need strategic guidance, or can empower you to get moving, quickly, with our self-service solution. We can be transparent with the pricing plan that you sign up to from day one, too.

Additionally, our auto-run reports identify trends, help to trigger ‘next step actions’ and uncover the metrics that evidence just how much bottom-line impact marketing has on brand sales and retention. And, the team can help you consistently push out compliant, beautiful and responsive assets that look the absolute business – without you needing a PhD in code!

I know you don’t want to feel trapped into another marketing partnership that promises the earth, and delivers little. But trust me, one in four marketers that see Force24, buy it! And, that’s not a bad stat considering two in four admit they’re not yet ready to invest in anything. So, do you want to take a look?

Book a free demo here, and see for yourself.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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