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Force24 nears 1000th platform release – this year!

13 June 2019
by Force24

The world of tech is renowned for iteration and all of the best innovations are continually evolving to provide customers with the latest functionality, resilience and speed.

But at Force24, we’re particularly proud of the fact that we’re about to roll out the 1000th release of our marketing automation platform – and that’s in only one year!

Sometimes, the tweaks are so subtle, users won’t even notice they’ve been implemented. From small fixes to fine-tuned speed enhancements, it’s all part of making the Force24 engine run like an even more well-oiled machine.

There have been clever little adjustments too to continually make the platform more intuitive – these include the development of a new iterative testing module so marketers don’t waste time on inefficient split testing, through to a new user interface for microsite building, making it easier than ever to produce both beautiful and effective landing pages.

And then there are the introductions of more notable releases, such as the development of personalised dynamic form builders using a simple drag and drop interface, plus crucial legislative updates so that our marketers need never have any compliance headaches.

“The first thing we say when explaining our platform to someone new to Force24, is that this is marketing automation – evolved,” commented MD Adam Oldfield. “We operate in a crowded industry full of tech that promises the earth but is often too complex to deliver. That’s why we’re continually iterating our solution, to pack it full of powerful tools and features that are effortlessly simple to utilise.

“If we discover a way to save a marketer even five seconds, we’ll be investigating it. That way, our customers have more time to create strategic marketing campaigns that look the business and generate qualified leads.”


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