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Force24 launches guide on must-know ‘motorway marketing’ technique

3 May 2019
by Force24

Savvy marketers are always on the lookout for campaign inspiration, hacks to save them time and tools to better evidence their ROI. But sometimes the constant hunt for ‘the next big thing’ means many comms professionals miss opportunities that have been lying under their noses for decades!

Take motorway signs for example – the vast blue displays that we pass as commuters on a daily basis. Most of us probably take for granted the volume of information they tell us, and in what order and frequency.

But pay a little more attention to motorway comms and you’ll soon spot a clever formula that, if followed in our own digital campaigns, could hold the key to best-practice email marketing.

Confused? Think we’ve gone a bit nuts?

This free guide talks you through the 7-step must-know ‘motorway marketing’ techniques that will help you structure – and sense-check – every email campaign you send moving forward.


  • How to structure your journey
  • How to prioritise your messaging
  • Which touch points will work best, and when
  • What this advice looks like, when utilised in a sample event sign-up campaign
  • How to contact us if you’d like to chat through this technique in a bit more detail.

Download the guide and discover another way to supercharge your marketing.


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