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2500 marketers now using Force24!

26 May 2019
by Force24

Our UK-built and managed marketing automation platform was introduced to the UK before communicators were probably ready for it.

The venture has been entirely self-funded.

And we rode through the complexities of GDPR with so much upfront preparation, that clients didn’t even need to break a sweat!

It’s certainly been a challenging journey, but fast forward to 2019 and this is definitely shaping up to be our year.

We’ve won a commendation for marketing automation vendor of the year at the B2B Marketing 2019 Martech Awards; secured investment from Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund – Mercia Debt Finance, to support the ongoing development of our platform; and probably have our most exciting product roadmap yet.

But that’s not all – more than 2,500 UK marketers are now using Force24 to manage their brands’ campaigns. These numbers have quickly stacked up because 1 in 4 people who see the Force24 platform, now buy it! And, with a retention rate of over 97%, the customer base is continually getting healthier.

Adam Oldfield, Force24’s managing director, considered why: “A digital marketing article on VentureHarbour.com revealed that marketers who use automation tools say time is their biggest barrier to advanced marketing, while those who don’t automate at all find budget the largest hurdle.

“Force24 overcomes both these struggles. We’ve worked hard to keep everything effortlessly simple – in fact our video challenges prove, on camera, just how much time we can save marketers each week. And, we help marketers generate, nurture and convert more leads, which fuels ROI and banishes any budget fears.

“We’ve taken on the big boys of marketing automation – and we’re winning!”

So why has this super-savvy platform really taken off in recent times?

“We’ve been doing more of our own marketing activity,” continued Adam. “We’re authoring guides – that people actually want to read! We’re accepting invitations to deliver advice-led sessions at industry events, and because they’re so straight-talking, the conversations always continue afterwards. And word of mouth is spreading like wildfire, which means more marketers than ever are requesting demos of our solution and coming on board!

“And we’re only halfway through 2019!”


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