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Getting to know Adam Holland – Force24’s Marketing Automation Consultant

25 April 2019
by Force24

We’re as renowned for our people as we are for our tech. So, once a month, we put a member of our team in the spotlight to learn more about their role, why they’re good at it, and what their advice is for the wider world of marketing…

1. Summarise your role in one paragraph

My job is to contact sales leads, understand their needs, educate them about Force24 – what we do and how we can help – and ultimately try to bring these businesses on as new clients.

2. What’s your favourite part of the job?

Getting the deal – but the sale is not everything. Knowing that I’ve helped a customer with their marketing needs and delivered a solution that will save them time and money, as well as help them grow, is extremely rewarding.

3. Which one word would your colleagues use to describe you?


4. And the word you think best describes Force24?


5. Why do you personally think Force24 stands out from competitors?

The support we offer – for free – is unparalleled.

6. The phone rings, and it’s your dream client… who would it be?

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club!

7. What’s your favourite feature within Force24’s marketing automation platform?

It has to be the genius board for dynamic content – it’s awesome.

8. The office attracts quite a lot of attention from visitors. What’s the best bit?

The pods around the office are pretty cool, but the best days have to be when Marv the dog is in.

9. What is the biggest challenge facing the marketing industry over the next 12 months?

It’s been a much-discussed topic, but having a full understanding of GDPR, its limitations, and what can be done with data is a big challenge.

10. And your top marketing hack?

Invest in automation – Force24 – naturally. It’s all about taking the manual aspect out of your everyday tasks, so you can focus on producing top quality, engaging content.


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