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Why you won’t catch us talking about Brexit!

7 March 2019
by Adam Oldfield

We know we might not be the first business to say ‘we’re not talking about Brexit’. And here’s why…

You can’t visit your favourite news site or scroll through your social media feed without the dreaded B-word cropping up EVERYWHERE! As a result, some people have banned it from their psyche altogether, fed up of becoming bogged down with the doom and gloom of the uncertainty that lies ahead.

There are others of course, who would recoil in horror at the apparent ignorance of this approach, believing that whilst Brexit discussions may not necessarily be pleasant, surely it’s better to be prepared.

We agree with the need for preparedness of course. But there’s actually a different reason why Brexit just isn’t a topic of conversation at Force24’s Leeds HQ.

We’ve been talking about the importance of data sovereignty for a long time, way before Brexit – or even GDPR – was on the cards. In 2016, for instance, we wrote a blog about what we felt was one of the best ways to keep customers’ personal data safe and secure, and that was by housing it on UK soil. We spoke openly about how this would reduce the risk of sensitive information being intercepted or breached, when it is being stored, passed or utilised within a marketing campaign. From this perspective, the UK’s EU status is therefore of little relevance.

In fact our entire proposition is ‘UK built and managed’ – it always has been. We don’t have service desk teams or developers working overseas. Everyone from our sales team to our marketing pros, and account managers to our directors, are based here at our Leeds hub. They’re on the same time zone as the people who need their support – our clients. So they’re therefore on hand exactly when their guidance is required the most.

Now, flippant statements aside, of course we care about the ramifications of Brexit. We know how much pressure it is putting on other organisations out there, to the point where they’re struggling to survive, and this is something nobody wants to see. But, thankfully, it’s business as usual at Force24 HQ, meaning we’ve got more time to talk about what really matters – marketing automation that will help our clients thrive.

Photo of Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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