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How to ensure data capture strategies don’t ruin CX

25 January 2019
by Force24

For many it was the overwhelming feeling of GDPR panic. For others, it was a growing hunger for leads. And there were those who encountered mounting pressure from their management teams to evidence ROI amidst economic uncertainty.

2018 was a tough year for marketers, with more plates to spin than ever before. But could these challenges be the reason that some took their eyes off the ball when it came to the customer experience (CX)?

A number of websites, for instance, are now almost impossible to navigate without encountering a wall of over-complicated data capture forms that prevent any action whatsoever. So, if the people behind these sites think they’ve got all bases covered when it comes to understanding and interacting with their visitors, they’ll soon be terribly disappointed as engagement will be low.

Now we know compliance is crucial and leads really matter. But this cannot detract marketers from the crux of the matter – with consumer expectations rising, there’s never been a more important time to nail the CX!

This was the thought process behind one of our latest guides. We got our heads together at our Leeds HQ and devised our top 5 tips to ensure data capture strategies don’t ruin the customer experience.

The step-by-step resource talks you through:

  • How to establish a value exchange
  • How to prioritise uncovering the unknown
  • Ensuring you don’t behave like a robot
  • Providing data capture clarity
  • Not being shackled by over-compliance!

We know that marketers want to generate leads – hot leads – that will translate into bottom line impact for their brand. And our marketing automation platform is here to feed that appetite! But at the same time, marketers need to ensure this doesn’t become a craving that distracts them from doing their job properly. Otherwise, it’ll be nothing but a turn off for prospective customers.

Download our free ‘5 ways to ensure data capture strategies don’t ruin the CX’ guide to learn how to do things differently, with minimum fuss!


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