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Marketing automation spotlight – Benchmarx

16 November 2018
by Force24

With so many exciting brands in our client portfolio, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on a different one each month! But we don’t want to put words into anyone’s mouths. So, in this new format Q&A, it’s over to Matt Aitken, Trading & Promotions Manager at Benchmarx Kitchens & Joinery, to tell us more about their company, their use of our GDPR-compliant marketing automation platform across all their 186 branches, and their comms goals for the year ahead…

1. Describe your company in your own words

Benchmarx is a trade kitchen and joinery supplier, operating from 186 locations around the UK. We sell ready assembled kitchens, doors, flooring and consumables to tradesman and contractors.

As part of the wider Travis Perkins Group, Benchmarx is unique in that it is not an acquisition – it is the only business started from scratch by the group. It began trading in 2006 with six branches.

2. And why is marketing automation important for your brand?

In the trade sector, our customers and branches primarily operate on a local level. Good working relationships between a customer and their local branch is therefore key to providing the service that separates us from the competition. Due to our diverse nature of products, customers and branches, marketing automation ensures we’re communicating with people at the right time, with the right message through the right channel.

3. Why did you choose Force24?

Force 24 gave us the ability to decentralise some of our marketing communications, giving branches the ability to communicate with their customer base digitally. This has allowed them to communicate local offers and initiatives that are relevant to their regular audience.

4. Describe our marketing automation platform in one word?


5. And your favourite feature?

The SMS builder – visually it’s fantastic, and our branch teams find it easy to use.

6. What’s your biggest challenge as a marketer?

Internal communications. With 186 branches and 186 Branch Managers, the timing and channel of internal communications is key. Landing national campaigns and initiatives only works with the engagement of colleagues in branch, so we must ensure we communicate effectively to maximise campaign potential.

7. But what do you love most about your job?

Finding opportunities, developing solutions and executing plans to grow the business.

8. Do you have any specific comms goals for the next 12 months?

Benchmarx is at the beginning of an online, transactional journey. In the next 12 months, we’ll have a website that allows our customers to purchase products online, for delivery or collection. In line with this, we’ll build a CRM plan that looks across channels to understand a customer’s purchasing habits and consequently generate communications that completely meet their needs.

9. What’s the top skill that a modern marketer needs?

Courage – don’t be afraid to have a go and try something different.

10. And your must-know marketing tip?

Surround yourself with people that think differently to you. You might end up disagreeing on a few things, but ultimately, you’ll make robust decisions having covered more avenues.

A final word from Force24’s head of client operations Lee Senior: “Benchmarx is a fantastic example of the personalisation opportunities that automation creates, not just in terms of the comms that the platform can send out, but also the fact that every branch has the ability to create and distribute their own comms tailored to their own customers. We love working with this diverse client!”

If you’re a Force24 client, and you’d like to take part in this Q&A, drop a quick note to our PR team, and they’ll take it from there.


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