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Getting to know Liv Smith – Force24’s Senior Automation Consultant

31 October 2018
by Force24

We’re as renowned for our people as we are for our tech. So, once a month, we put a member of our team in the spotlight to learn more about their role, why they’re good at it, and what their advice is for the wider world of marketing…

1. Summarise your role in one paragraph

As a Senior Automation Consultant my role is super varied. I support my clients with designing, building and sending email campaigns, and work with them on their automation strategies to help them achieve the most out of our platform.

I also host training sessions – for both new and existing customers. Every user is entitled to free training for life, so we always encourage everyone to utilise this! We also have an instant chat feature on our online portal and I’m on hand to answer any urgent queries that come through – day or night!

2. What’s your favourite part of the job?

Building relationships with my clients! I like to get to know everyone on a personal level as I believe this helps me to provide a tailored service, which allows them to get more from our platform.

3. Which one word would your colleagues use to describe you?

They would describe me as ‘driven’. I strive to ensure our customers are always happy, are using the portal to its full potential and achieving their goals. I always offer my assistance where I can – whether that’s tweaking a subject line slightly, or helping to create a whole new campaign.

4. And the word you think best describes Force24?

Being in the marketing industry means things change quickly! We always move with this and never fall behind, which means we constantly deliver the best possible products and services that we can.

5. Why do you personally think Force24 stands out from competitors?

We care. We take the time to get to know our clients, so we can provide them with more legitimate support and advice when it comes to campaign strategies.

6. The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who would it be?

John Lewis, or a similar major retailer – not just because of their heartfelt Christmas ads!

I wrote my dissertation on UK supermarkets and retailers a few years ago and became really interested in the way some brands conducted their marketing. There’s so much John Lewis could do in our Journey Manager suite when it comes to automation, and I would LOVE to be involved with that!

7. What’s your favourite feature within Force24’s marketing automation platform?

We have a really exciting new feature that is nearly ready for launch – our brand-new Microsite Builder, which has the ability to build your own forms. Our team had a little preview of the new tool recently, and it’s amazing! It’s easy-to-use editable functions will allow so much more freedom and creativity – I can’t wait to see the designs our clients come up with when it’s launched!

8. The office attracts quite a lot of attention from visitors. What’s the best bit?

The big open plan layout of the office allows everyone to be accessible to each other, and it’s super easy for us to work together. The walls are specially designed, so we can write on them, which we love using in our planning sessions to literally draw out our journeys.  

9. What is the biggest challenge facing the marketing industry over the next 12 months?

As we all know, technology is constantly advancing so everyone needs to be able to keep up with the latest trends. From new devices that are being launched, to the types of platforms consumers are engaging with – we all need to be on our toes, receptive and ready to evolve when the market does.

10. And your top marketing hack?

In terms of marketing on our platform – personalisation. When I say this, lots of people think I mean simply addressing an email to someone – this is one straightforward way of personalising your marketing content, but there are so many other considerations, like tailoring it to the geographical location or the sector they work in.


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