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Marketing automation spotlight – Assembly Hall Theatre

5 September 2018
by Force24

With so many exciting brands in our client portfolio, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on a different one each month! But we don’t want to put words into anyone’s mouths. So, in this new format Q&A, it’s over to Antony Pickthall, Sales and Marketing Director at Assembly Hall Theatre, to tell us more about their company, their use of marketing automation and their comms goals for the year ahead…

1. Describe your company in your own words

Assembly Hall Theatre presents a broad host of classical, rock, pop, jazz, folk, world and roots music, dance, musical theatre and drama, with strong programmes of comedy, family theatre and talks, alongside education and community events.

2. And why is marketing automation important for your brand?

We’re a small team with challenging targets working on over 300 events each year. Marketing automation enables us to target our diverse audiences with key messages and apply some rigour to the development of our email communications.

3. Why did you choose Force24?

Force 24 offers the only fully-supported automation service that integrates with our ticketing system (SRO4) and enables us to apply a joined-up approach to our digital communications.

4. Describe our marketing automation platform in one word?


5. And your favourite feature?

Journey manager.

6. What’s your biggest challenge as a marketer?

Increasing revenue but with decreasing budgets.

7. But what do you love most about your job?

Introducing new people to arts and culture – especially younger audiences.

8. Do you have any specific comms goals for the next 12 months?

To launch a membership scheme to encourage greater venue loyalty.

9. What’s the top skill that a modern marketer needs?

The ability to use data effectively.

10. And your must-know marketing tip?

Challenge everything – if you don’t know why you do something stop it.

If you’re a Force24 client and you’d like to take part in this Q&A, drop a quick note to our PR team and they’ll take it from there.


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