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Marketing automation spotlight – Best Companies

11 July 2018
by Force24

With so many exciting brands in our client portfolio, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on a different one each month! But we don’t want to put words into anyone’s mouths. So, in this new format Q&A, it’s over to Fiona Bousfield, marketing manager at Best Companies, to tell us more about their company, their use of marketing automation and their comms goals for the year ahead…

1. Describe your company in your own words

We’re employee engagement specialists. We measure, recognise and help companies improve engagement in their organisations.

2. And why is marketing automation important for your brand?

We are a relatively new marketing team so have been working hard to really establish ourselves over the past 1-2 years. It’s now crucial for business growth that we get our marketing automation right.

3. Why did you choose Force24?

We reviewed around eight potential marketing automation platforms and Force24 met all of our needs. It was extremely easy to find the information we needed, we were more confident in their approach to GDPR than anyone else’s, and we liked their own marketing activity – which was obviously a good sign!

4. Describe our marketing automation platform in one word?

Easy! The drag and drop functionality is so usable and intuitive, as opposed to some marketing tools that I find quite clunky. If I was allowed a second word, I’d say ‘effective’ too – we used to have HubSpot but experienced mixed results when it came to delivery.

5. And your favourite feature?

Aside from all the features that we use to carry out our own marketing activity, I really like Force24’s live chat which gives us a virtually instant communication path into their business. They’re always on hand to answer our questions, or help us when we’re stuck, which means we have an extension of our marketing team if we need it.

The initial training was really comprehensive, so we were able to find our feet with the platform quite quickly, but as our grasp of marketing automation becomes more sophisticated, and the technology’s capabilities evolve, it’s great that we receive free ongoing training too.

6. What’s your biggest challenge as a marketer?

Getting people to sit up and take notice. People are now bombarded with emails, notifications and other noise, so achieving cut through isn’t always easy.

7. But what do you love most about your job?

That we’re building a team with an effective structure and a varied skill-set. It’s a great journey to be a part of.

8. Do you have any specific comms goals for the next 12 months?

To make our comms as strategic and relevant as possible, so that people don’t just expect to hear from us – they enjoy and look forward to what they read too.

9. What’s the top skill that a modern marketer needs?

Adaptability. The pace of change is extremely rapid, so decisions and actions need to be made and taken quickly.

10. And your must-know marketing tip?

Take a step back and focus on the objective that really matters – communicating with your target audience. I would always encourage people to start with ‘why’ and if it feels like the comms is losing sight of this, it’s time to rein it back in and keep it simple.

If you’re a Force24 client and you’d like to take part in this Q&A, drop a quick note to our PR team and they’ll take it from there.


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