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6 hacks for savvy event marketing – the secret to securing RSVPs

24 July 2018
by Force24

When it comes to event marketing, there’s usually one primary objective – to get as many people to attend as possible.

It sounds pretty straightforward when you put it like that. But you try telling a marketer that this is an easy job!!

Because effective event marketing is rarely a volume game. Usually, it’s important to attract the right type of people, i.e. a relevant audience. When you’ve identified and spoken to these individuals, some will sign up at the drop of a hat, genuinely keen to attend. But we all know that life can get in the way, which makes drop-offs inevitable – a costly problem for the event organiser as well as marketers tasked with generating leads. Then there’s what happens after the event has taken place – will the attendees engage with your brand in the way you’ve hoped? Or will they disappear into the sunset, which means all the effort was for nothing?

Even these simple examples start to highlight that getting bums on seats isn’t actually such a doddle.

So, when it comes to getting maximum clout from your event campaigns, what’s the secret? Here are 6 key tips to ensure marketing automation does the hard work, for optimum event success.

Data matters

Is there ever an instance when it doesn’t? It’s crucial that you have a good quality target pool of people to invite, so data should be the first key consideration. However, remember that people expect to receive personalised communications now, especially from brands they already have some relationship with, which means blanket comms may soon fall flat. So, segment, segment, segment.

Create a hub of event information

If you’re going to successfully entice someone into considering your event, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll want to find out more. The creation of a dedicated landing page – or better still a microsite – will therefore be an extremely worthwhile exercise.

With Force24’s marketing automation platform and code snippets functionality, this can be done in a matter of minutes, and without any outside digital agency involvement! We’ve even created some ‘go to’ templates which are perfect for event comms, from the initial sign-up teaser, through to a thank-you page and the provision of next step information.

Consider your email comms

Of course, you may only get one shot to tempt someone to attend your event, so it is important that you craft your email copy carefully. But if there are no signs of engagement after your first campaign send, don’t give up. There are many ways to talk about what’s coming up and why an individual should get involved. Email content themes could therefore include: save the date, event introduction, a plain text follow up with an RSVP encouragement, and a follow-up reminder which begins to create a sense of urgency. And that’s just for starters!

Again, Force24’s platform includes these proven event email templates, and more.

Don’t rely solely on email

It’s important to remember, of course, that we live in a multichannel world so, depending on the culture of your brand, the tone of your comms and the nature of your event, consider the role that SMS could play in the pre-event journey, or even a piece of direct mail.

Keep attendees engaged

If someone RSVPs, congratulations, that’s a great result. But that doesn’t unfortunately mean their attendance is guaranteed. We’d therefore heavily recommend building other journeys so that the comms continues up until the day of the event itself. A simple thank you is the obvious starting point, but reminder comms including the agenda and practical information, such as parking and venue access, are also crucial.

Map journeys carefully

We’ve mentioned journeys several times throughout this blog, so a savvy journey builder is paramount for this whole exercise. Remember ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ so tailor your copy, channels and comms frequency to suit different segments of data. Automate as much as you can for minimal headache, and even consider the merit of a phone call, perhaps for the ultimate VIP experience.

You could also think about what behaviour you want to encourage when the event is over, of course, whether you’re keen to book one-to-one appointments or simply gather some delegate feedback. So, ensure your journeys have some longevity!


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