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What should fast growth businesses look for in marketing automation?

22 June 2018
by Adam Oldfield

We recently kickstarted a new series of blogs offering marketing tech advice for fast growth businesses. In this latest post we explore what these ambitious organisations should look for if they’re considering investing in an automation platform…

We know from both client discussions and the experiences of our own in-house team, that the pace of change within a modern marketing department is getting quicker all the time. Compare that to the magnitude of change within fast growth businesses however, and the picture is even more challenging.

Whether the momentum has arisen organically – or an acquisition or private equity investment has imposed new targets on a management team – rapid-growth companies therefore cannot stand still, even for a month.

This fear of being held back deters some such businesses from investing in new systems or infrastructures of any kind – they don’t want to be shackled by unfamiliar or risky solutions that could set them back a step, even if only temporarily.

Yet this viewpoint is somewhat skewed because of the cumbersome technologies that exist in the marketplace – not all platforms are like this! That’s why savvier high-growth businesses are behaving in the opposite manner and looking for smart platforms that will aid their expansion efforts.

The key to investing in something like a marketing automation platform, of course, is to find one that is agile, intuitive and geared up to support growth, not restrict it. So here are five tips of what exactly to look for:

  • Quick and easy to deploy

This is a no brainer. Fast growth businesses don’t have the time or resource to become laden with lengthy and/or tricky projects. Due diligence is of course required, but once a decision is made, the project schedule thereafter needs to be swift, slick and smart.  The marketing automation platform should also integrate into wider systems such as the company CRM with ease, so that it can start to have an immediate effect on the bottom line.

  • Even easier to use

Once in place, marketing teams should seek the ability to segment data, create intelligent lists, map out intelligent and personalised customer journeys, cleverly utilise multiple channels, design on-point creative, build microsites and other assets, and interrogate data, all in a minimal number of clicks. The fast growth business should therefore seek a marketing automation platform built for marketers, not scientists.

  • Supported with client services

Some marketing automation platforms are not supplied as a technology-only solution – they also have the option to be enhanced by account management services including design, campaign execution and strategic delivery. This means if the resources within the fast growth businesses are being redeployed, stretched, flexed or restructured in any way, there is a ‘bolt on’ team ready and waiting to maintain comms activity, if/when needed.

  • Inclusive of free training

Modern martech may often be easy to use but refresher – and new starter – training is often required, especially if a marketing team is fast getting to grips with deeper and deeper platform functionality. High growth businesses should therefore look for a solution that comes with this training, without cost, as standard.

  • Offered with clear pricing

This is not a time to consider freemium model marketing automation solutions, especially ones that are little more than email marketing engines. The cost to use such platforms quickly escalates as wider functionality is sought, and it is almost inevitable that in a rapid growth business, needs and goals will change frequently. It is crucial to source a platform with a transparent pricing structure and evidence that it can evolve alongside the organisation. 

Of course, the list goes on dependent on the requirements of the business concerned – this should never be a ‘one size fits all’ project, so the platform must be configurable to fulfil the specific requirements of the organisation.

If you’d like to speak to our team about how Force24 supports fast growth businesses, please contact us, or why not request a demo to see for yourself?

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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