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Quizzing our MD Adam on… Force24’s new platinum partner Peppy Marketing

31 May 2018
by Force24

Regular visitors to our website may have spotted that we’ve just welcomed aboard a new platinum-certified partner, Peppy Marketing. So, to learn how and why they’ve joined the Force24 ranks, we’ve put our MD Adam Oldfield in the spotlight to find out more…

So Adam, describe the Peppy Marketing business in a nutshell…

They’re a bunch of customer journey experts who put individuals at the heart of brands’ marketing strategies. They’ve got a wealth of agency experience and some great contacts in the worlds of sport and leisure, travel, hospitality, automotive and retail – sectors we also enjoy working in.

What do you like about their company?

The industry is crowded with marketing consultancies, but these guys specialise in crafting and delivering multichannel customer-centric strategies as a managed service. Their goal is to achieve improved brand interactions, stronger customer relationships and greater bottom-line revenue for their clients. Many of their goals mirror Force24’s, which is probably why we clicked in the very first meeting.

What exactly does platinum partner status mean?

The Peppy team has received a far deeper level of training so that they now know our marketing automation platform inside out, almost as though they’re a member of our own team. This means they can now use the technology to power all their clients’ marketing campaigns, which should result in reduced operational headaches and greater ROI.

They’ve got an unparalleled level of support from our own marketing experts, which means we’re on hand to answer questions about the platform or their comms activities whenever they need us. And they can even feed back to us on their clients’ changing requirements to help shape our continually evolving product roadmap.

And the benefits for Peppy’s customers?

Force24 removes any guesswork. Data-driven decision-making will ensure the right comms are sent to the right individual at the right time, so that individuals are gently progressed through the sales funnel at the pace that’s right for them. It’s possible to hold humanised conversations with thousands – if not millions – of individuals with minimal fuss, and it’s quick and easy to create beautiful, responsive assets with the wow factor.

Plus, of course, they’re assured of GDPR compliance, which is a big tick for marketers at the moment!

Does it help that the company is based locally?

Geography doesn’t really matter, as we’ve got clients large and small located throughout the UK. But we’re always pleased to work with companies from our region that are doing their bit to put Yorkshire on the map. With Peppy based in Harrogate and our HQ here in Leeds, I’m sure the partnership will appeal to a number of clients, particularly those that are proud of the tech scene in the North.

And a few final words from Peppy’s co-founding director Graham Davidson…

We build and manage customer journeys, and Force24 is now the backbone of that service provision. We love that the platform is British and underpinned by a team of forward-thinking marketing pros who are always innovating and improving. The platform is extremely scientific, but – as is the case with all the best tech – this complexity doesn’t translate across to the UX. It’s extremely easy – and fun – to use, and we’re already enjoying working with Force24’s friendly, helpful team.


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