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What role does marketing automation play in growth hacking?

3 April 2018
by Nick Washbourne

In the next blog in our ‘fast growth business’ series, we look at the role that marketing automation plays in growth hacking…

By Nick Washbourne

Growth hacking is not new. In fact, I remember watching a SlideShare presentation on the model a few years ago now. But at a time when businesses large and small are attracting investment and embarking on rapid expansion plans, growth hacking perhaps deserves a revisit.

The premise of the concept, in my opinion, is the formulation of a way of working that supports the fast evolution of an organisation. Three ‘disciplines’ triangulate to act almost like a powerful engine that make such growth possible. These are:

  • Creative marketing – impactful, strategic communications activities that kickstart and maintain conversations
  • Automation – the use of intuitive technology to undertake time-consuming, cumbersome or complex processes that would otherwise not represent the most effective use of human effort
  • Data analytics and testing – a commitment to continuous learnings that drive informed iterations, progress and onward improvements. Short feedback loops key here!

In isolation these three facets play a valuable role in modern business development. But together, they can boost the efficiency and leanness of marketing activities. They can support more considered decision making that improves conversion rates. They can ensure the most sensible use of human expertise, particularly when resources are stretched. And they can enable solid and swift business growth.

So why then, are elements of the growth hacking model overlooked, particularly within post-investment organisations with steep trajectory objectives ahead of them?

The importance of analytics and reporting are rarely neglected – investors love data, especially when it indicates the likelihood of a return. But, with relative ease, companies could be harnessing even more valuable metrics that would enable them to achieve their growth goals. Marketing has a defined role to play in fast growth, as does marketing automation. If only it was given the chance to show its worth.

The development of the commercial marketplace means that, in truth, even more factors should be considered as part of a successful growth hack, including behavioural psychology for example. But even focusing on the three elements listed above will support businesses in their journey to achieve revenue targets, however tough.

Original source: https://www.slideshare.net/DavidArnoux1/growth-hacking-guide-mindset-framework-and-tools

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Nick Washbourne
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