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Why do fast-growth businesses ignore marketing automation?

12 March 2018
by Nick Washbourne

The UK business environment is currently rich with fast-growth investment opportunity, but despite the benefits that marketing automation can bring, such technology is commonly overlooked by organisations with tough targets to hit. So, how can the right automation platform support a business with even the steepest upward trajectory…?

It’s perhaps unsurprising that a marketing automation business would encourage organisations to use automation technology on their quest for growth. We’ve seen first hand how deployment of the right platform can help turn existing customers into loyal, high-value, repeat business, and even the coldest contacts into that much-needed converted revenue. This should be music to the ears of a fast-growth business – especially one backed by external investors. But if this success is truly possible, why do so many investment-injection firms overlook the potential that marketing automation can bring?

A landscape rich in potential

Firstly, it’s important to look at the current landscape. Globally, investment opportunities remain plentiful. An article on UK Business Insider, for example, recently revealed that venture capital funding for start-ups had reached a decade-long high in the US last year. Tech has proven a popular sector – a trend mirrored on our side of the Atlantic, too.

Here in the UK, people would be forgiven for thinking that Brexit uncertainty was dampening investment spirit, as there has certainly been a great deal of talk regarding a constriction in both economic and business confidence. But there are a number of exciting prospects domestically. A Barclays Corporate video confirmed the strength of the VC industry in the UK, drawing particular attention to the level of activity surrounding start-ups and scale-ups. Most importantly, it confirmed that the growth has successfully come through in terms of revenue. A pwc article also highlighted three record years of private equity investment, as well as the emergence of new investors and bigger funds than previously.

Supporting fast-growth objectives

The investment marketplace is therefore buoyant.  And, once a deal has been done, we know that the pressure and pace of progress is usually undeniable. Often with limited resources and tough targets to hit in a seemingly short space of time, organisations and their backers must deploy an unswerving level of focus. Teams are lean and funds must be carefully spent. Slow-burning marketing efforts are therefore not a priority.

But, there is usually an appetite to invest in tech that will drive efficiencies, add value and support the velocity of change. Investors seek solutions that will improve business agility.

Which brings us back to the original argument… marketing automation is an important tool for fast-growth organisations (or, at least, the right marketing automation platform is).

This isn’t about wasting money or time on a piece of ‘nice to have’ tech that will lie underutilised. This is about supercharging the company’s CRM system and sales team with opportunities that will drive revenues upwards.

It’s also not about investing in a cumbersome platform that takes months to implement, understand and use. There’s no time to become an expert in something new when there are difficult growth objectives to focus on. But it is about putting assets in place in days, if not hours, ramping up the activity from week one and benefitting from the shortcuts that a savvy automation provider can supply.  Agility is the key here.

Select the right marketing automation partner and the tech will be easy to use. When human resources are limited, there will even be marketing experts on stand-by to support the creation and roll-out of effective campaigns – not frustrating ticketed help systems that bring comms to a halt.

The Force24 way…

When a client comes on board, it’s our goal to meet their timescales. In the case of fast-growth businesses, this invariably means intense yet quick-fire kick-off meetings that get to the heart of the objectives that the tech must achieve.

It means the rapid implementation of the platform, the effective segmentation of data and, at times, the building of prospect pools of GDPR-compliant data (in the B2B world). It’s then about helping our clients build out best practice journeys that deliver results fast.  We know what works and what doesn’t so there is no steep learning curve required here.

It means making the most of ‘low-hanging fruit’ – ‘wins’ we can quickly convert into revenue, whilst we build some intuitive journeys that will nurture other prospects through the funnel.

We’re not talking a monstrosity of a system with an unavoidably complex on-boarding process. We’re talking a clever platform, supported by a proactive and nimble team who work with fast-growth businesses every day. Businesses who want to be turning on retargeting streams within the first week of working with us and homing in on the metrics that matter – bottom line stats, not vanity open and click rates.

So, marketing may not be at the top of the agenda for a fast-growth business post-investment.  But marketing automation certainly should be.

This blog is one of a new series of blogs for post-investment organisations. Don’t miss our next post – What should fast-growth businesses look for in marketing automation? – coming soon in April.

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