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Research reveals number of hours worked by average digital marketer

27 March 2018
by Nick Washbourne

If you ask anyone in the modern workplace how they feel about the number of hours they spend grafting, there would probably be a huge proportion of employees that have seen an increase in time spent ‘on the job’.

The demands of the modern business environment, ever-rising customer expectations and competitive pressures, are just some of the factors influencing the pace and volume of activity that staff must get through. That’s not to say people are complaining of course, but the nature of work has certainly changed significantly.

This is no different for marketers. In fact, a recent poll conducted by Search Engine Journal found that only 38% of digital marketing pros work the standard eight hours per day. 33% would estimate they work 9-12 hours daily, and 15% admitted that every waking hour is a working hour.

The ‘always on’ culture is no doubt one of the key reasons for this. Cloud technologies and readily-available wifi access make it easy to work irrespective of location. This brings obvious flexibility benefits but at the same time it can impede on marketers’ ability to switch off.

However, in an era where efficiency is so important, and intuitive automation tools are so prevalent, isn’t it about time this overworking was addressed?

This is one of the reasons we developed Code Snippets last year, so that marketers can design, build and test beautifully compliant, personalised emails and landing pages/microsites in a fraction of the time these jobs traditionally take.

But this is just one example. From savvy data mining to intelligent customer journey building, CRM integrations and one-click reporting, there are an abundance of ways that technology can take on the time burden, leaving marketers to do what they do best – communicate.

So why aren’t more marketers investing in marketing automation? The perceived headache of a system overhaul is one of the key reasons. But find the right platform and the onboarding process will be extremely straightforward, with an almost ‘ready-to-deploy’ solution available with only quickfire training. This means the move to automation needn’t jeopardise the agility of a marketing team, if that is the brand’s concern.

Encouragingly, 14% of SEJ’s research participants claimed that they work no more than four hours each day! But wouldn’t it be great if technology could help swing more stats in this direction..?

Last year, we prepared a quick guide to help marketers save eight hours per week, without even breaking a sweat. If you’re yet to download this resource, you can find it, for free, in our resource library.

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Nick Washbourne
Commercial Director

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