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Don’t let poor quality data ruin your email campaigns

27 February 2018
by Force24

You can write the most grammatically flawless, powerfully persuasive marketing email of all time and it won’t matter without quality data. That's the message from Chris Whife, CEO of Leadiro. So, in this guest blog for Force24 he expertly advises how to ensure data DOESN'T ruin your email campaigns...

Data is the lifeblood of any email campaign. Not only do you need the right data to make sure your emails get to the right people, but you also need it to drive the content of your messages. Otherwise, you are shooting off blanks in the dark. If you want your email campaign to live up to expectations and deliver results, you need high-quality data - and preferrably via marketing automation software.

The Sins and Pitfalls of Poor Quality Email Data

“Bad data” in the world of email marketing can mean a few different things. It might mean that your addresses are no good. It might mean that your contacts don’t match up with your audience persona. It might be that you have the same email address in your database four times. Here are a few of the reasons that inferior email data is so toxic to your business:

  • Outdated email addresses: Do you want to waste your time drafting emails that are just going to bounce? With poor email data, it happens all the time.

  • Irrelevance: Speaking of wasted time, one of the most significant problems with a shoddy email list is irrelevance. If your list includes contacts that don’t fit into your industry or market niche, they aren’t going to convert.

  • Duplicates: With a low-quality email database, someone’s address is bound to appear in your list multiple times. As a result, that person ends up getting offers from you more than once. This kind of duplicate messaging feels like spam and can cost your business dearly.

  • Missed sales opportunities: Detailed information about prospect demographics, firmographics, technographics, and more makes it easier to implement targeted messaging and convert prospects. Email lists lacking this extra data are of little use—even if they are up-to-date, industry-relevant, and free of duplicates.

How to Improve Your Data

We’ve established what bad data looks like—and why it’s such a problem—but how can you improve things? Here are three tips to get you started:

  1. Always keep your data organized: A poorly organized email database is a flawed email database—no matter how good the contacts. You need to organize contacts and segment lists based on numerous criteria. Where is the prospect in the sales journey? Is there clear intent to buy? In what industry or market niche is the company? What software or technology is the business using? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you organize your list and plan smarter email marketing strategies.

  2. Fill each entry with a lot of data: Too often, B2B email marketers assume that a database need just be a list of email addresses, contact names, and business names. These three pieces of information are just the start. Your email list should include a ton of intelligence, with each entry only expanding over time. At the outset, knowing about the aspects mentioned above (such as the company’s market, size, and target customer base) will help you build targeted communications. As you work to convert or retain customers, knowing other details (how the contact prefers to be pitched, or what the client has purchased from you in the past) will be equally essential.

  3. Keep it up to date: Email data is notorious for becoming outdated. If you haven’t updated your list in the past six months, it’s probably at least partially obsolete. You need to keep track of contacts as they change jobs or move email addresses, and you need to delete email addresses that are no longer valid. Using email intelligence companies or B2B data vendors that offer smart live updating can help on this front. Keeping your data up to date will avoid email marketing inefficiencies later.


Email data has immense power in the marketing world. With the right data, you can connect with your next valuable account. With the wrong data, you can land your business on spam lists and do substantial damage to your reputation. For your next email campaign, make sure you are using data that falls into the former category.


Leadiro (https://leadiro.com/) is a leading provider of accurate, high-quality B2B email data. With Leadiro, businesses can use sophisticated profile selection tools to build email databases based on geography, firmographic information, and more. All Leadiro lists come with smart and live data tracking, which monitors contacts and updates their data as they change professional roles.


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