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IP tracking innovation promises greater insight for marketers in 2018

18 January 2018
by Adam Oldfield

A new IP tracking product created by UK-based automation specialist Force24 has promised to deliver a greater degree of digital insight for marketers in 2018.

The innovation – which has been in development and beta-testing for the past four months – has been officially launched this week.

Said to provide users with a deeper layer of intelligence when compared to existing IP tracking solutions in the marketplace, the technology works by integrating with Force24’s marketing automation platform.

“At present, marketers can utilise industry technology that draws upon known IP addresses that may or may not be trackable,” explains Force24’s managing director Adam Oldfield. “But combine such tech capability with wider web tracking functionality and the main contacts in a brand’s marketing list, and the power of such a product really comes to life.

“With the solution we’ve developed, we’re suddenly talking about the ability to track, approximately 30% more companies IP addresses through our new module plus cookie tracked activity via our core web tracking product, combined our beta clients have been able to identify between 60-70% of all B2B web traffic.”

With user privacy naturally coming under greater scrutiny this year, particularly with the advent of GDPR, Adam does believe users should have the right to browse anonymously. IP tracking will only ever give you information relating to the organisation visiting your website.

“I think this is a market where boundaries are needed,” he said. “But, by plugging IP tracking capabilities into an automation system and building the body of intel that you hold against known contacts, the marketer creates a more detailed picture of behavioural analysis that will better inform the communications activity thereafter.

“As with everything we do, the goal is to produce savvy, personalised and carefully-timed journeys and actions, for the right people at the right time. This latest innovation offers another helpful way to do this.”

The product is predicted to prove particularly popular with B2B marketers. It is available to Force24 clients for free, as part of the company’s provision of a GDPR-compliant marketing automation platform.



Photo of Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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