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Marketing needn’t shut down for Christmas just because your office does

1 December 2017
by Nick Washbourne

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

And it can also be one of the busiest for a number of brands in various sectors – retail, hospitality, tourism, betting, the list goes on…

So, whilst many organisations are already planning for their holiday shut down period, for others time off is highly unlikely in this peak selling season.

But if you work in a business that does close its doors to enjoy the mistletoe and wine, are you overlooking a valuable opportunity to communicate with customers and prospects? Might these individuals be in major ‘buying mode’? Or could they be using this rare ‘downtime’ to think ahead to some of the decisions they need to make in the new year?

Before you start to panic, we’re not suggesting marketing teams stay glued to their desks over Christmas whilst the rest of the company packs up to enjoy the festivities with their friends and family!

But we are encouraging you to think about what happens to your communications activity when the doors close on Christmas Eve (if not before).

Marketing doesn’t need to shut down just because your office does.

You simply have to configure your technology to do the hard work whilst you enjoy a much-needed break!

Don’t forget, marketing automation can power thousands of seemingly humanised conversations at once, so that recipients are targeted with the right messages, via the right channel, at the right time.

So, you may be sipping eggnog, or flying down a ski slope – whatever takes your fancy! But at the same time you can still be talking to your audience via email, SMS, or whichever other marketing channel you have deemed will best engage them over Christmas.

Everything can be set up before you leave. Personalised customer journeys can be pre-determined to cleverly maintain the conversation depending on the behavioural outcome of each touch point. They can nurture the recipient along the sales or retention funnel whilst you still enjoy your ‘Out of Office’ message being on! And the progress can be fed seamlessly into your CRM so that when normality does resume, everything is in place for both the sales and marketing team to pick up on.

This could in fact give you a great head start for 2018, instead of being on the back foot from the minute you return.

If you’re already a Force24 client and would like some tips to boost your comms activities over Christmas, contact us via your preferred method and our marketing team will offer some guidance and tips. If you would like to know more about marketing automation and how it can help your business, get in touch, download our quick guide, or book a short demo at a time to suit you.

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Nick Washbourne
Commercial Director

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