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Marketing automation spotlight – SoAmpli

6 December 2017
by Force24

We love it when new clients come on board at Force24, particularly when they’ve got an interesting story to tell. So, in this new format Q&A, we shine the spotlight on one of the most recent organisations to join our customer base. Over to you Charlotte Smith, customer success manager at SoAmpli…

  1. Describe your company in your own words

SoAmpli is a B2B SaaS automated content sharing and sales enablement platform. We help busy sales professionals quickly build relationships with prospects and clients on social media, where most conversations are currently taking place.

We’re currently a team of 12 based in London.

  1. What marketing automation (or other) technology were you using before Force24?

We were mainly relying on Mailchimp for newsletters and ‘drip campaigns’, as well as Wishpond for sign-up pages and gated content downloads.

  1. What are your main comms objectives?
  • Grow awareness about our products and unique approach
  • Streamline our lead nurturing emails, so that we’re cutting down on admin time in order to focus more on the content we want to share with our prospects
  • Increase our inbound requests via genuinely useful, industry-leading content
  1. Why did you choose Force24?

We were really impressed with the support offered by the team. Also, the platform ticked all the boxes when it came to the technical requirements we need to automate our internal processes.

  1. How will you be working with the team?

The team’s support to set up the platform and our initial workflows has been amazing, and we’re now equipped to utilise the tech on a self-service basis. Because we’ve fully familiarised ourselves with the tool, we’re already thinking ‘what next’ and are really interested to discover Force 24’s best-practices advice for things like lead scoring and email schedules.

  1. What is the status of the project?

We’ve been actively using Force 24 for a month now.

  1. What’s next?

We are looking to optimise our workflows and journeys based on the insights we are starting to collect. It’s also very important for us to begin using more of Force24’s functionalities, such as microsites, as part of our inbound marketing strategy.

  1. If you could summarise in one paragraph what Force24 will achieve for you, what would it be?

We believe Force 24 will help us reduce marketing admin to an absolute minimum, which will free up time to spend on more important content creation. The flexibility of the platform itself will also allow us to experiment with a number of different email marketing approaches, actively informing our marketing strategy to help us sharpen and clarify our message for maximum impact.

Our top goal is to increase lead generation and, ultimately, sales through Force 24.

  1. Any specific goals for the next 12 months?

We have some ambitious growth goals for our business, and we have no doubt Force24 will help us hit and exceed our targets.

If you’re a Force24 client and you’d like to take part in this Q&A, drop a quick note to our PR team and they’ll take it from there.


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