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Why have we launched the ultimate guide to automation?

17 November 2017
by Adam Oldfield

The world of marketing is changing all the time. Customer behaviour is constantly evolving, there are more comms channels available than ever before, and tech is becoming increasingly complex.

Or so it seems…

Sometimes, there’s a lot of NOISE in the marketing profession, but not enough advice. If there was more practical guidance available, it would be easier to navigate the changing landscape and accelerate your marketing career.


At 60 pages long, this is a marathon of a document! But it’s packed full of must-know tips, tricks and hacks – no waffle – covering:

  1. How to build perfect plain text emails
  2. How to build your own landing pages, with automation
  3. Understanding customer engagement and how to use this to your advantage
  4. How to build SIMPLE and effective lead scoring
  5. Stimulating a review culture in your favour
  6. Passing hot leads to the sales team
  7. Creating effective gated content downloads

Over nine years of learnings are crammed into this straight-talking document, with the aim of providing simple advice that will help marketing professionals achieve more in 2018.

Why? Because marketing doesn’t need to be complex. Admittedly it might not be possible to include every single useful technique into just one document. But we’ve hopefully produced a great starting point!

Download ‘The ultimate automation guide for marketing professionals’

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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