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GUEST BLOG - What value can Call Intelligence add to the marketing stack?

3 November 2017
by Force24

You don’t need to have worked in the marketing profession for decades to realise that, whilst it might ultimately be a creative world, there’s no getting away from stats. In fact, the need for marketers to evidence their contribution to ROI has never been so MASSIVE!

Some data-savvy bods will wonder what all the fuss is about. Marketers have more metrics at their fingertips than ever before, so why the drama? But this heap of information can also be incredibly overwhelming, particularly if different tech platforms are required to uncover every piece of necessary detail.

So, what value can Call Intelligence add and is there room for it within the growing MarTech stack?

First thing’s first… it’s important to make sure we’re on the same page about what Call Intelligence actually is.

‘It’s putting a different telephone number on a specific campaign so you can track who engages with it, right?’


‘It’s for businesses who only market via the phone rather than digital marketing isn’t it?’


(and don’t even get me started about it all being a bit ‘Big Brother’!)

We need to get rid of all of these myths before we can move on.

Linking online clicks to offline behaviours

OK, Call Intelligence doesn’t matter to every marketer. But if the phone is important to your brand – and more importantly the customers that buy from you – you’re missing a trick by overlooking the value of the tech.

So, start by asking yourself if the phone is relevant to you.

In the B2C environment, the phone is still the channel of choice overall for more mature shoppers. But brands shouldn’t mistakenly think that it only appeals to this demographic. A Searchengineland article reported that millennials are most likely to use the click-to-call feature, for instance, and whilst 64% of millennials do all their research online, they value speaking to someone over the phone to verify information before making a purchase. If your brand sells personalised, niche or bespoke products and services, such as tailored holidays, I bet the stats are even more notable!

The importance of the phone can be seen in B2B too, with inbound calls proven to convert 20% higher than clicks for many firms.

Next question – can the phone and digital marketing both be important?

Of course! Online and offline behaviours are not mutually exclusive, so neither should they be viewed in isolation. But still there remains a seemingly ‘untrackable’ gap for most organisations, when a customer reaches the point in their journey where they pick up the phone. Digital marketers need to overcome this data blind spot, and fast.

How? (here’s the science bit…)

The mission is to understand every single prospect or customer’s interaction with the brand, up until the point of them making a call – in other words, what made the phone ring.

Call Intelligence can do this by allocating a telephone number unique to the individual. It can unravel the source of an individual’s journey, the impact of PPC campaigns at keyword level, which pages were visited, for how long, and at what point they decided to call. It can even identify when they left the online experience and when they came back.

It might reveal more data, but it’s data that matters.

Things then get really juicy when you integrate metrics from wider sources too, such as DoubleClick Campaign Manager and SalesForce. It becomes possible to understand which keywords are worth the investment for example, because, whilst some may be more expensive, they might have led to better quality calls and conversions.

And, by attributing sales revenue (or other successes) back to specific campaigns, you can refine your automation journeys, tweak activities and optimise your spend moving forward.

It’s another important way to work slicker, quicker and more effectively, IF the phone is important to your brand.

Further information about Call Intelligence can be found at www.responsetap.com


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