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Introducing you to… Force24's new website!

30 October 2017
by Adam Oldfield

To an outsider looking in, everything has been ticking along as normal at Force24’s Leeds HQ in recent months. But behind the scenes we’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to our new website.

And ta-dah! After some final tweaking the result of our effort is here! So what do you think?

We hope that our new site – like our platform – truly does represent the next generation of marketing automation.

The theme throughout is ‘marketing evolved’, based on the vision that, armed with the right tech, industry professionals should be equipped to do their jobs quicker, slicker and with less headaches than before. Automation isn’t stripping them of their role. Instead, it’s empowering them to be more creative, more strategic and more successful – or altogether more awesome!

Our aim was to create something that is fresh and clean in its look and feel, but rich with must-have information. We’ve stripped out much of the stuff you don’t really need to know and stuck to the headline info that will make a difference to the way marketers do their jobs. The detail is still available of course, in lengthier guides and resources, but the top-level content is easy to digest, far more visual, and complemented by the odd video clip here and there.

User insight informed the development of the new site which is why we now have a section on pricing, which transparently shows how Force24 compares to competing marketing automation platforms. And, at visitors’ requests, we’ve gone into a little more detail about our background and our support services, so that prospective clients can see how they’ll benefit from our UK-based marketing expertise, as well as our tech.

Of course this isn’t it for our site. In true Force24 style, we’ll continue to introduce new pages, resources, videos, client spotlights, and feature run-throughs as our cutting-edge functionality evolves. After all, how many decent website stand still nowadays? NONE!

Because of this, the site may still not be 100% perfect. But, is anything? It certainly gives a far better representation of who we are as a business and why we think we’re the best marketing automation platform in the UK.

But now the most important bit – over to you! What do you think? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Photo of Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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