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Six steps to the perfect email

2 August 2017
by Adam Oldfield

A few weeks ago we published a blog dedicated to overcoming ‘the fear of pressing send’. We spoke openly about the utter dread that marketers experience when they finally click to distribute the email campaign they so desperately need to generate leads. And we also provided a 3-point, fool-proof plan to help marketing teams banish that terror once and for all.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that this helpful blog went on to be one of our most read posts on the website.

So, we’ve taken the theme a step further to bring you some more handy hints. This time we delve a little deeper into the exact mechanics of the perfect email send via marketing automation software. Work through this checklist each time, and you’ll remove the worrying uncertainty that a campaign might not work!

Consider the comms journey

Virtually every single email – even a standalone piece of comms – should fit into a wider journey strategy. So, try not to view an email send in isolation. Think carefully about who should receive the communication, what you want the outcome/action to be, and what dialogue they’ll be exposed to next – whether it’s another email, a personalised landing page, a piece of targeted direct mail, an SMS campaign or a call, for instance.

The email purpose needs to be clear, if there’s any chance of it delivering the results you desire.

Segment data appropriately      

We don’t need to bang the personalisation drum – it’s been drilled into marketers over the last few years, so we’d hope you’re taking stock of this advice by now. But personalised messaging can only truly be relevant if the data is segmented correctly before an email send.  Otherwise, your attempts at personalisation are unlikely to stem beyond ‘Hello Bob’, and we all know that this is hardly personalisation at its finest (as a blog in our archive explains).

Think who is affected by the message internally

Marketers have a duty of care to ensure they don’t just communicate with their external public – key members of the internal team need to know about the campaigns going out to customers and prospects too. The whole organisation may need to be made aware of a special offer or product launch messaging, for example, whereas if a new campaign has the potential to flood the sales funnel, the business development team needs to be prepped for the leads that will (hopefully!) be on their way. Otherwise, how can the appropriate next step action be taken by the right people at the right time?

Wear your QC hat!

We’re talking, of course, about quality control. It takes less than a minute to distribute an email test to a working QC party, so regardless of your thoroughness – or the ease with which your email builder constructs the perfect campaign – send a final check to ensure a beautiful render, fully-functioning links and typo-free content.

Remember to monitor

It’s unlikely that marketers will forget to monitor the effectiveness of their email, after the effort that will have gone into preparing it! But, life – and the multiple other pressures facing marketing teams – can get in the way. So, remember to actively look at engagement stats and monitor the extent to which users are progressing through the journey that you outlined at the start.

Report on key metrics

When the campaign is complete, report on key metrics too. This will help to inform techniques and messaging that may – or may not – be used in future emails, not to mention the ROI of your most recent efforts. The hunger for data is not going to subside and – given budgets are being scrutinised and justification for spend is constantly being sought – there’s never been a more important time for marketers to evidence the success of the perfect send!

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