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Force24 launches the ULTIMATE email marketing toolkit

21 August 2017
by Nick Washbourne

Marketing automation specialist Force24 has launched the ultimate email toolkit, following months of research into the biggest pain points being experienced by brands throughout the country.

The suite of 15 must-have ‘problem-solvers’ is designed to help marketers maximise the returns they get from one of the UK’s most commonly-used communication channels. Findings revealed that because so many firms are currently using ‘freemium’ mailing platforms, a number of campaigns are repeatedly falling flat when it comes to results.

The toolkit therefore includes 15 html shortcuts to help marketers create engaging, customised emails that work. Among the features predicted to be the most popular, are:

  • Countdown Timer and Days Left Timer, which create real-time roundels on the run up to a chosen date
  • Image Editor, which gives the ability to quickly and easily edit graphics and add overlays
  • Email Bulletpoints – a seemingly simple tool that solves the notoriously ‘fiddly’ challenge of creating a perfectly-aligned and fully-responsive list
  • Video insertion to increase the media-rich nature of email comms

The list goes on!

Commenting on the development of this newly-launched resource, Force24’s commercial director Nick Washbourne said: “We all know the importance of well-constructed, personalised and beautifully compliant emails. But faced with the restrictions of what are, in truth, very basic email programmes, marketers often have to ‘make do’. Some of these pain points typically arise even when using sophisticated in-house email systems too – they’re simply not user-friendly. As a result, a huge number of emails therefore either don’t render correctly, they don’t engage the recipient or they don’t achieve the results they set out to reap.

“We’ve therefore created this range of quick-win tools that every marketer needs in their arsenal! And we’ll continue to check, iterate and further innovate, to ensure they solve these frustrating everyday hurdles.”

Behind each of the tools is a simple piece of bespoke code that marketers can drag and drop into their emails, in seconds, for FREE!

“The Days Left Timer would work perfectly when embedded in a retail flash sale email, for example, or in a personalised message encouraging a customer to renew their insurance premium,” explains Nick. “It creates a sense of urgency, tailored specifically to that individual. And, it doesn’t matter when they return to the email – the html tool will ensure the data is live and up-to-date at that point in time, for maximum relevance.

“Some people will be able to achieve these results themselves, with hours of effort, as is the case with what should be a simple bulletpoint list, for instance. But marketers rarely have the luxury of time. The danger then is that they are forced to cut corners or that they omit the content that they know, deep down, would work.”

Wary that so many resources are available only in return for data capture, Force24 has launched the toolkit completely free of charge and with no request for contact details. Get started here: https://tools.force24.co.uk

Photo of Nick Washbourne
Nick Washbourne
Commercial Director

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