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Cutting through the GDPR minefield – seven free tips marketers can action today

11 July 2017
by Adam Oldfield

The headlines have been buzzing with talk of GDPR in recent weeks, particularly since the 25 May when the official 12 month countdown to the new legislation began.

Marketers are not the only profession to have started dissecting how the impending data protection rules will impact upon their work. Organisations large and small are being forced to think seriously about how they capture, store and utilise the data of customers, colleagues, suppliers and more.

But the world of marketing is of course our priority. And when we’ve spoken to marketers at recent events, the ‘mood’ has been mixed.

Some marketers are seemingly frustrated with how complex the rules seem to be. Others are sitting tight, lulled into a false sense of security that there are still ten months to prepare. And there are some who simply don’t know where to turn, wary that their communication methods will have to change significantly if they’re to remain compliant.

We’ve happily passed on our advice at the conferences and exhibitions we’ve attended. We’ve got a GDPR-ready marketing automation platform after all, and a bunch of GDPR-savvy marketing experts within our UK team.

But, even though marketers have left us armed with advice, there are only so many tips you can offer in a quick 10 minute conversation in a buzzing event hall.

So, we sat down to formalise our thoughts because, if there’s one message to shout about when it comes to GDPR, it’s ‘don’t panic, but act now!’

In truth, there are seven simple steps marketers can take to become GDPR ready. And it’s these seven steps we have collated in one simple, straight-talking guide.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Force24 client, a partner of our business, or you’ve never spoken to us before – the tips are free. The aim is to steer you through the basics, demystify some of the details and provide practical, easy-to-action next steps.

Download 7 GDPR tips marketers need to know.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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