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21 June 2017
by Force24

Love it or loathe it there’s no getting away from the need for marketers to nail their approach to data management, especially with the wonderful GDPR looming. So, we thought it might be helpful to explore what role we can play…

We all know that ‘good’ data is imperative to the success of your marketing, but what does good data actually look like? In Force24’s eyes, good data is:

  • Clean, with no invalid or incorrectly formatted email addresses that will bounce and ultimately damage your sending IP and brand.
  • New. Time and time again we see a strong, direct correlation between the freshness of data collation and the response rate – the newer, the better.
  • Safe. Data that is looked after properly and is bound by the rules of data protection doesn’t stand a chance of being intercepted and improperly used.

So how do you make sure your data is good? In short, you don’t – we do! Whether your data is stored in-house or you’re looking for a new set to target, we treat it with the same TLC.

In fact, your data is the only place we play it safe!

Let’s look at some of our practices in a little more detail…

  • Security

We store all data right here in the UK. This means your data is safe, secure, and protected by EU regulations. 

Data security is a hidden risk for many businesses, yet very few actually assess their suppliers to ensure their data is in safe hands. You can rest assured that data security is a key priority for Force24. 

  • Data buying

What’s your data priority – consumer and business-to-business data? Telemarketed data? Publisher data? Event delegate data? With over 15 years’ experience in the data industry, we can deliver sound advice, best practice and guidance on data buying and handling, and will manage the whole process for you.

From which lists to buy, to purchasing lists on your behalf and guaranteeing the best prices, we can handle everything, which frees you up to work on your strategy.

  • Deliverability

The transition of purchased data into your in-house database needs to be carefully managed to maintain list and IP health. We prime any newly-bought data with campaigns aimed at generating some kind of engagement before we start marketing to the list.

We do this on a separate IP so that we don’t damage your existing reputation. This allows us to identify any bad data before using your usual IP.

  • Segmentation

Basically, we slice and dice – but we do it well!

We help you identify the very best contacts in your list by segmenting your data intelligently. From simple buyers vs non-buyers segregation, to complex segmentation like understanding who is most and least engaged with specific products and services, we can optimise your campaigns for success. We can also tailor automated journeys to re-engage lapsed subscriber segments or optimise high-converting segments, for example.

55% of marketers say that a lack of good quality data is their biggest barrier to effective use of email. So, let us help you find that data quality that you’re looking for…

Contact us to discuss your data management requirements, or, if you still want to do a bit more digging, why not download our ‘7 must-know GDPR tips’ guide.


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