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Marketing automation – a job-guzzling robot or a must-have assistant?

20 June 2017
by Nick Washbourne

Whilst some people love tech, others loathe it, overlooking the benefits it can bring, for the fear it will replace them in the workplace.

I suppose it’s understandable – the marketing profession has continued to evolve, with ongoing innovations constantly shaping the way we create and communicate with prospects and customers.

This pace of technological change – plus the extent to which platforms and apps have changed how we work – has left some marketers feeling that their roles will soon be redundant. I’ve lost count of the number of headlines I’ve seen asking ‘Will a robot take my job?’

This concern is possibly justified in some professions – machines have streamlined manufacturing plants for example. But I don’t believe, for one minute, that tech will guzzle up jobs in the world of marketing.

Take marketing automation, for instance (naturally a platform close to our hearts!)

Yes marketing automation can distribute thousands of personalised, multi-channel campaigns in seconds. It can empower even creative novices to build beautiful, responsive and compliant emails, time after time. And it analyses a wealth of engagement data and trends that would otherwise take days to compute.

But that doesn’t mean the marketer is no longer required.

The tech simply takes some of the pain – and cost – out of both tactical and strategic marketing activities. It enables marketers to do their jobs faster, smarter and better than if they had to rely on manual techniques alone.

Thanks to the capabilities of pre-built journeys, for example, marketing automation can act as a workflow. It can ensure the right message is sent to the right individual, via the right channel, at the right time. It can monitor each recipient’s response – or lack of it – before triggering pre-determined journeys that will handle the comms from there. It can produce insightful reports and even auto-push quality leads through to sales teams.

But it can only do its job properly if the marketer/marketing team truly understands their target market, effectively segments their data, respects best practice and remains focused on their business objectives.

In this scenario alone, it’s clear to see that marketing automation isn’t a job-guzzling robot. It’s actually a helpful, willing and efficient assistant. If headaches are stripped out of marketing, marketers have more time to be creative, forward-thinking, hands on, value-adding… the list goes on.

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Nick Washbourne
Commercial Director

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