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27 May 2017
by Force24

Direct mail is an old school marketing technique, isn’t it?

Not if it’s done the new way.

In this new digital world, there are two types of people: those who embrace change and those who reject it. The embracers are easy to spot, with their latest generation iPhones watching modern remakes of classic films. The rejecters are harder to identify. But one thing is for sure, both will respond to direct mail-style selling. As long as you’re doing it right.

According to the Direct Mail Association Factbook for 2013, 65% of consumers of all ages have made a purchase as a result of direct mail. And we don’t see that stat changing.

So how do you integrate direct mail seamlessly within your digital strategy?

The key thing is to ensure you adopt a direct mail strategy that suits your brand. This is not a case of ‘one size fits all’. It needs to become an integrated part of the wider journey your customer is taking.

But gone are the days when laborious print processes meant DM was the most expensive channel. Setting up your DM deliveries with our procured print partners means you can relax, knowing everything is in hand.

You’ll also be pleased to know that, when it comes to modern direct mail, less is more. We’ll therefore build a plan of action to suit you, with your goals at the forefront.

Here are just some of the considerations you might make, with the help of marketing automation:

The prospect lifecycle

There’s no better time to integrate direct mail into your strategy than at the very beginning. By utilising every channel, as soon as it is relevant, you can establish the preferences of each individual contact, in order to make future campaigns even more impactful.

Personalised direct mail

With Force24, it’s as easy to create and dispatch customised direct mail as it is email. Based on what the contact engages with and in-line with the other channels, the direct mail produced is personal and relevant, with minimal manual intervention.

Pre-telemarketing campaigns

Add direct mail as an additional step in your follow-up process to ensure that your contact has seen your message before they get a call from your sales team, even if they haven’t engaged with you online.

Local area search

When teamed with our local area search function, direct mail becomes a powerful tool for getting your message to the right people in a specific location. Whether it’s a new store opening or a local sale, you should ensure the right people, and only the right people, are hearing about it.


Give an extra push to contacts that didn’t complete the required ‘goal’ by trying a different channel. Direct mail retargeting works as a soft reminder that isn’t too pushy and will prove your company’s legitimacy.

Transactional comms

Where appropriate, integrate direct mail into your transactional customer communications. It will solidify your legitimacy as a company, as well as filling them with confidence in you as a trusted provider.

Still need some convincing?

The importance of automated direct mail to your strategy can be summarised in 3 ways:

  • You’ll strengthen your brand’s message by making it consistent across all channels
  • You’ll reach those who are distrusting of digital channels
  • You’ll get your brand seen by everyone who touches it on the way to your recipient

Did you know..?

We can work as an extension of your own team, so are here to support you every step of the way, from building powerful creative to ensuring your message is being heard with the help of our dedicated team of deliverability experts.

Fancy taking a closer look? Speak to us today about how we can help your DM campaign.


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