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Successful marketing automation – it’s not all about software

30 May 2017
by Adam Oldfield

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that technology has revolutionised the way marketers do their jobs. With the martech stack becoming increasingly sophisticated – and CRM with marketing automation lying at the heart of the savviest approaches – the profession can now work quicker and smarter than ever before. Often without breaking a sweat.

But (and this may seem like a bold claim for us to make!) there’s more to successful marketing automation than technology. It’s not all about software!

I’m talking of course, about people. Even the most intuitive platforms are only as good as the people driving them.

Yes, marketing automation can house incredibly clever features which enable even a novice to create beautifully compliant emails that work. And the tech can also produce insightful, easy-to-action reports that only a data scientist would otherwise be able to generate manually. But the best campaigns that are produced, distributed and optimised via marketing automation, are those with great people behind them.

Usually, it helps if there’s a great person – or people – at the brand organisation (the business using the automation to communicate more, target more and sell more). They need to respect the multiple channels that can be used to bring comms to life, for example. They need to understand the importance of segmentation to drive personalisation and relevance. And they need to be in tune with the needs of their customers and prospects, for the marketing activity to have meaning.

But even these great people sometimes get a bit… stuck! They also get stretched, especially in resource-limited teams. They go on holiday, maternity and sick leave too, occasionally. So, what happens then? Are the fruits of the marketing automation investment lost?

No. Not if we revert to the earlier point and remember it’s all about people. It’s just sometimes the case that these people may exist beyond the four walls of the brand using the automation.

And here comes the bit where I champion the guys at Force24 (and boy, do they deserve some ‘bigging up’!)

Yes, we have our own, in-house technical team. The guys who have brought our UK-built marketing automation platform to life. But we also have our own marketing experts. Talented creatives, copywriters, project managers, search specialists and integrated comms gurus who our clients call upon whenever they need them. Because that’s the Force24 way – our support is as much about people as it is the tech.

So, it doesn’t matter if a journey isn’t having the impact you’d hoped. Or a budget simply won’t stretch as far as you need it to. Our guys are here – to quiz, lean on and learn from – and within minutes you’ll feel like they care about your brand as much as you do. That’s why the business was set up. We don’t believe there’s anyone else that does it quite like us.

Don’t believe me..? Ask them for yourself. Give us a call on 0845 272 5990.

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Adam Oldfield
Managing Director & Founder

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