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THE MARKETING AUTOMATION SERIES - marketing automation for charities

25 April 2017
by Force24

Intelligent and emotive in equal measure – that’s the approach we usually recommend when implementing marketing automation strategies for charities. This blog tells you more…

As a charitable organisation, your main focus is to get people emotionally invested in everything that you stand for. Whether you’re trying to pique the interest of someone who hasn’t signed up to your cause before, or ensure a big player maintains their support, a bullet-proof marketing automation strategy could really enhance your plight.

How? By:

  • Removing cold or disengaged prospects from your lists so you can save on future campaigning
  • Nurturing prospects until they’re ready to convert
  • Retargeting past and current supporters with upsell and cross-sell messages relevant to them
  • Increasing your ROI
  • Saving your valuable time – we know resources are often stretched!
  • Talking to all prospects personally, and with a ‘voice’ that reflects your charity’s ethos, but without any manual intervention.

So where do we fit in?

Our marketing automation can power communications strategies that help grow awareness and increase donations. Nobody knows your audience better than you, but we make it our business to be a close second. 

Years of experience have taught us that no two contacts are the same. That’s why we’ve created software and strategies that automate to the masses while maintaining the personal touch and focusing on each contact, as an individual.

For example, we focus on:

Prospect lifecycles

63% of charitable donors want to know exactly what their money is contributing to. It’s no surprise then that converting prospects into supporters takes time, effort and patience. Force24 helps you to improve consistency in your marketing campaigns and takes the hard work out of nurturing valuable prospects to the point where they’re ready to convert.

Multi-channel automation

With so many fraudulent charities unfortunately doing the rounds, people are getting increasingly suspicious. It has never been so important to make sure that your messaging is consistent in expressing views and beliefs. Using various marketing channels to cement your message in your prospects’ minds could be the difference between doubts and donations.

Objection handling

There’s always going to be a reason for your prospects not to part with their hard earned cash. Your job is to convince them that the good they’ll be doing outweighs the damage it will do to their wallets. Our job is to help you quash these doubts with an objection handling strategy that succinctly highlights the benefits and wins you supporters.


Your telemarketing team is busy. And they have a tough job to do. So why not make it that bit easier by only passing over leads when you know they’re ready? Using Force24’s intelligent lead scoring, prospects accrue points which quickly and easily indicates the level of their engagement and the likelihood of conversion.

Local area search

Maintain the interest of your loyal supporters by giving them personalised updates of events or fundraisers taking place nearby. Force24’s local area search tool allows you to select prospects based on location, within a radius set by you, in order to target them with relevant information.

Transactional comms

Solidify your supporters’ trust by sending them transactional communications using their preferred channel to confirm donations, verify event attendance and more – everything is automated for minimal fuss!

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